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eBooks for Kids: Picture Books
A sampling of picture eBooks and Audiobook Downloads available for young children. For more titles plus video and music downloads, browse OverDrive.

Visit TumbleBook Library for an online collection of animated talking picture books for children in Kindergarten - grade 5.

Visit BookFlix for an online collection of nonfiction ebooks and storybook videos.

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  Cover Art: Things That Float and Things That Don't Adler, David A.
Things That Float and Things That Don't
It can be surprising which objects float and which don't. An apple floats, but a ball of aluminum foil does not. If that same ball of foil is shaped into a boat, it floats! Why? And how is it possible that a huge ship made of steel can float? Answering these questions about density and flotation is David A. Adler's clear, concise text, paired with Anna Raff's delightful illustrations. Activities that demonstrate the properties of flotation are included.
  Cover Art: Cat Says Meow and other Animalopoeia Arndt, Michael (Michael Peter)
Cat Says Meow and other Animalopoeia
Animals and the sounds they make are paired up in this colorful picture book.
  Cover Art: Peace Baby! Ashman, Linda.
Peace Baby!
Simple rhyming text encourages children to set aside anger and irritation and find peace within themselves, and with the world.
  Cover Art: The Rocket Returns Awdry, W.
The Rocket Returns
Thomas the Tank Engine's new friend Stephen used to be known as The Rocket! With Thomas' help, he will again! Little boys ages 4 to 6 who love trains will dive in to this Step into Reading adventure based on an episode from the newest Thomas & Friends DVD release, Spills and Thrills!
  Cover Art: The Monkey Goes Bananas Bloom, C. P.
The Monkey Goes Bananas
Monkey, having spied a banana tree across the water, will stop at nothing to get a snack.
  Cover Art: Hey Duck! Bramsen, Carin
Hey Duck!
A plucky duckling attempts to befriend a cat that just wants to be left alone.
  Cover Art: Bonjour Camille Cano, Felipe
Bonjour Camille
It is a Sunday morning, and Camille has so many things to do that she can hardly wait for the day to begin.
  Cover Art: Time Together : Me and Dad Catherine, Maria
Time Together : Me and Dad
Snapshots of a father and child enjoying everyday moments together. From reading a book to playing outside, these small moments are the ones that create big memories.
  Cover Art: May the Stars Drip Down Chatelain, Jeremy
May the Stars Drip Down
A lullaby that invites the reader to take a starlit journey from a wide desert, down a mountain path, and on to a coastline town.
  Cover Art: The Bear's Song Chaud, Benjamin
The Bear's Song
Papa Bear wakes up to find his son missing, and his search leads him to an opera house and a command performance.
  Cover Art: Princess Kim and Too Much Truth Cocca-Leffler, Maryann
Princess Kim and Too Much Truth
Young Kim discovers that there is a difference between being honest and always speaking the truth.
  Cover Art: The Short Giraffe Flory, Neil
The Short Giraffe
When baboon comes to take a photo of the tallest animals in the world, there is just one small problem-- Geri is the shortest giraffe in the world! A story for preschoolers about difference and acceptance.
  Cover Art: The Great Day Gomi, Taro
The Great Day
In simple text this book follows the daily activities of a young boy who is always the first in every activity--waking up, eating breakfast, playing, and getting ready for bed.
  Cover Art: Can I Bring Saber to New York City Ms. Mayor? Grambling, Lois G.
Can I Bring Saber to New York City Ms. Mayor?
A boy wants to take Saber, a saber-toothed tiger, on a class trip to New York City to see the sights.
  Cover Art: Scaredy Kate Grant, Jacob
Scaredy Kate
Kate has a problem. She's terrified of her aunt's big bulldog. Kate's aunt calls the dog Cookie...Kate calls it a monster! One day, after fleeing the apartment to escape Cookie, Kate takes the strangest elevator ride ever-- complete with a mysterious package and floor after floor of real-life monsters!
  Cover Art: Grandma Lena's Big Ol' Turnip Hester, Denia.
Grandma Lena's Big Ol' Turnip
Grandma Lena believes that something worth doing is worth doing right. So she takes good care of the turnips she plants in her garden. One turnip grows to an enormous size—Baby Pearl thinks it’s a big potato! It is big enough to feed half the town. And it’s so big that Grandma can’t pull it out of the ground! Even when Grandpa, Uncle Izzy, Aunt Netty, and the dog help Grandma yank and tug, the big ol’ turnip doesn’t budge. Still, this African-American family, including Baby Pearl, knows how to pull together.
  Cover Art: Playful Puppy Hicks, Charlotte
Playful Puppy
Receiving a lively puppy who prefers to chew, play, and explore rather than train for an upcoming dog show, Holly brings the puppy to the show and wonders if he will somehow still win a prize.
  Cover Art: Off We Go! : a Bear and Mole Story Hillenbrand, Will
Off We Go! : a Bear and Mole Story
"Bear teaches his friend, Mole, how to ride his bike with no training wheels. After many bumps along the road, they make it to their final destination: the Storymobile"--
  Cover Art: Duck & Goose Goose Needs a Hug Hills, Tad.
Duck & Goose Goose Needs a Hug
"What does Goose need more than anything this Valentine's Day? A hug from a good friend"--
  Cover Art: Jacob's New Dress Hoffman, Sarah
Jacob's New Dress
Jacob loves playing dress-up, when he can be anything he wants to be. Some kids at school say he can't wear girl clothes, but Jacob wants to wear a dress to school. Can he convince his parents to let him wear what he wants? This heartwarming story speaks to the unique challenges faced by boys who don't identify with traditional gender roles.
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