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Children love imagining themselves as superheroes--whether it be realistic heroes, such as astronauts and firefighters, or fictional superheroes, like Batman and Superman. Stories about superheroes are not only fun and exciting, but they inspire children to live up to their potential by calling up their own super powers!

In the Heroes Book List, find great books about big heroes, starting small.
     Cover Art: Question Boy Meets Little Miss Know-It-All

Fingerplays & Songs
One Little Astronaut

Five, four, three, two, one, zero!
Blast off! Went our little hero.
(Hold five fingers up; fold them down, one at a time.)

The little astronaut
Blasted off the world.
(With hands together, quickly thrust them overhead.)

Once in orbit, he twirled.
(Spin around.)

He circled to the left,
(Circle left.)

He circled to the right.
(Circle right.)

Then he was so dizzy,
That he slept all night.
(Lay cheek on open palm.)

Cover Art: Zoom, Rocket, Zoom!
Five Friendly Firefighters

Five friendly firefighters,
Standing in a row.
(Hold up all five fingers.)

Number one sounds the alarm
and says, "Let's Go!"
(Point index finger in the air,
and then put it behind your back.)

Number two jumps up
and puts on her gear.
(Hold up two fingers,
and then pretend to pull on boots.)

Number three drives the engine
and says, "We're here!"
(Hold up three fingers,
then make driving motion.)

The fourth friendly firefighter
stays there until the end,
(Hold up four fingers.)

The fifth one says, "I am your friend!"
(Hold up all five fingers and wave them.)

Cover Art: Firefighters at Work Firefighters at Work
Describes the education, tasks, tools, and the important roles of firefighters in society.
Cover Art: The Amazing Adventures of Bumblebee Boy The Amazing Adventures of Bumblebee Boy
As imaginary superhero Bumblebee Boy, Sam rejects his pesky little brother's help in defeating pirates, dragons and saber-toothed lions, but when Sam comes up against some scary aliens, he discovers the advantages of having a sidekick.

New Books

Even Monsters Need Haircuts


Some Cat!

Dragons Love Tacos

more New Picture Books

Storytimes at your Library
Many storytimes require registration and fill up early. Registration is available online, by phone and in person.
  • Baby Storytime - for children birth to 24 months.
    Delight and stimulate your baby's senses with books and music.
  • Toddler Storytime - for children ages 2 and 3.
    Nurture a love of books. Learn letters, sounds, and new words.
  • Preschool Storytime - for children ages 4 to 6.
    Enjoy stories together and build language skills.
  • Family Storytime - for children 2 years old and up.
    Share books, stories, rhymes, music, and movement with your children.
  • World Language Storytime - for children 2 years old and up.
    Experience the world in other languages.
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