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Summer Fairs
Towards the end of summer, along with the approaching harvest time, comes the time for county and state fairs. Going to a fair is an exciting event for a child, complete with carnival rides, delicious treats and lots of fun things to see, from arts and crafts, to animals and food, to grandstand shows and races.

To prepare for this much-anticipated event, share some stories about fairs and carnivals with your child. Find some great suggestions in the Fair Time book list.
     Cover Art: Harriet and the Roller Coaster

Fingerplays & Songs
Farmer Lucy

Farmer Lucy lost her cow.
(Make milking motion with hands)

The baby is crying for milk!
(Wipe away tears)

She won't have pancakes,
pudding or pie,
(Shake finger and head back and forth)

She only wants marzipan,
(Make "o's" with thumbs and fingers)

Tied up in silk.
(Cup hands together,
as if giving a gift)

Cover Art: Cows to the Rescue
Hig, Pig, Pen

Hig, pig, pen! A hog and a hen,
(Make a fist with one thumb up,
then the other)

Fell in the mud with ten fat men!
(Turn thumbs down and wiggle fingers)

Some stayed in and some got out.
(Both hands on baby's tummy,
then open to side)

And some had ribs with sauerkraut!
(Hands back on tummy, walk fingers up, gently tickling)

Cover Art: Minerva Louise at the Fair

Cover Art: Knitting Nell Knitting Nell
Everywhere Nell goes, she works on her knitting, quietly observing life around her, until one day she enters one of her creations in the county fair, and receives rewards beyond her dreams.
Cover Art: Fair Cow Fair Cow
Effie the cow dreams of winning a blue ribbon at the state fair, while her best friend Petunia the pig advises her to give up all that she truly enjoys in order to prepare for the big day.

New Books

Minnesota Bug Hunt

Yes, Let's

The Watermelon Seed

Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bicycle

more New Picture Books

Storytimes at your Library
Many storytimes require registration and fill up early. Registration is available online, by phone and in person.
  • Baby Storytime - for children birth to 24 months.
    Delight and stimulate your baby's senses with books and music.
  • Toddler Storytime - for children ages 2 and 3.
    Nurture a love of books. Learn letters, sounds, and new words.
  • Preschool Storytime - for children ages 4 to 6.
    Enjoy stories together and build language skills.
  • Family Storytime - for children 2 years old and up.
    Share books, stories, rhymes, music, and movement with your children.
  • World Language Storytime - for children 2 years old and up.
    Experience the world in other languages.
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