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Minnesota - picture books
Picture books by authors or illustrators with a Minnesota connection.
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  Cover Art: Story County : Here We Come Anderson, Derek
Story County : Here We Come
A farmer and his animal friends -- Dog, Pig, Chicken, and Miss Cow -- join forces to build a farm that they can all enjoy.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Dinosaur Thunder Bauer, Marion Dane
Dinosaur Thunder
Brannon is afraid of thunder until his older brother compares thunder to one of Brannon's favorite subjects -- dinosaurs.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: The Sick Bug Goes to School Bazil, Susie -- and Minnesota Illustrator Shawn McCann
The Sick Bug Goes to School
The Sick Bug has his sights set on an elementary school classroom where he and his bug friends hope to take advantage of some ideal germ-spreading opportunities. Will one observant student and his clever teacher be able to foil the Sick Bug's plans to spread?
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Tracks in the Wild Bowen, Betsy.
Tracks in the Wild
A track is more than just a footprint. Each track tells a story. As you follow the marks an animal left behind, you get to know it: where it goes, what it likes to eat, when it runs, and why. Every set of tracks is unique, as each animal's life is different from every other's. This richly illustrated book introduces young readers to the tracks and the ways of life of thirteen different animals from the Minnesota North Woods.
Children's Nonfiction Book
  Cover Art: Stay Close to Mama Buzzeo, Toni -- and Minnesota Illustrator Mike Wohnoutka
Stay Close to Mama
A curious baby giraffe keeps wandering away from his mother to explore the interesting sights and smells that surround them. Includes a note on giraffes.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Sit Still Carlson, Nancy L.
Sit Still
At school, at home, on the bus, or in a restaurant - no matter how hard he tries, Patrick just can't sit still. So what's a kid with a lot of energy supposed to do? His teacher and the doctor may not have the answer, but Patrick's mom has several ideas...
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: One-Dog Canoe Casanova, Mary
One-Dog Canoe
A girl and her dog set out in their canoe one morning, and are joined by a series of animals, large and small. Minnesota Book Award Finalist.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Some Cat Casanova, Mary
Some Cat
Violet has always imagined ruling a kingdom with sharp claws and velvet paws, so when she is adopted and goes to live with two dogs, she immediately takes over with a Meowww! Hisssss! and Spat! Poor George and Zippity try to befriend Violet, but they get nowhere. One afternoon, while her new family is out fishing, Violet is awakened by some stray dogs who chase poor Violet into a corner. What will happen to Violet?
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: A Secret Keeps Chall, Marsha Wilson
A Secret Keeps
A child travels from his urban home to his grandparents' farm, where a secret surprise awaits at the end of a long weekend.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Turtle Crossing Chrustowski, Rick
Turtle Crossing
Five years after a female painted turtle hatches from her shell, she is ready to lay eggs of her own. This is a dangerous task because there is a road between her and the perfect nesting site. She starts to cross, but a huge car is hurtling her way. It stops just in time, and the kind people help her to safety. So the next time you see a Turtle Crossing sign, keep your eyes open-- if you're lucky you just might see a painted turtle on her way to make a nest.
Easy Nonfiction Book
  Cover Art: Sweet Moon Baby Clark, Karen Henry
Sweet Moon Baby
The smiling moon watches over a baby girl in China whose parents love her but cannot take care of her. At the same time, it guides a childless couple that lives far away, to the daughter for whom they yearn.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Looking for Lucy Current, Emrys
Looking for Lucy
Lucy is Grandma's kitty cat. We just love to play with her, but she is always hiding. Grandma says she is skitterish! Come help us as we explore Grandma's farm.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: A Night On the Range Frisch, Aaron
A Night On the Range
As he camps overnight in the backyard, an aspiring young cowboy with a healthy imagination spends his first night "on the range." Minnesota Book Award Finalist.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Hannah's Way Glaser, Linda.
Hannah's Way
It's 1938 and Hannah and her Jewish Orthodox parents have just moved to northern Minnesota. Not only is she the new girl in school, but she is also the only Jewish girl in the whole school. When her teacher tells everyone about an upcoming class picnic, Hannah knows she will not be able to go. Can Hannah solve this problem and go to the picnic?
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Loon Baby Griffin, Molly Beth
Loon Baby
A baby loon, afraid that his mother will not return, sets out on his own to find his way across a stormy lake to their home in the great north woods.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Perfect Square Hall, Michael
Perfect Square
A perfect square that is perfectly happy is torn into pieces, punched with holes, crumpled, and otherwise changed. As each transformation happens, the square finds that it can be something new, and just as happy.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: The Sea of Sleep Hanson, Warren
The Sea of Sleep
This soothing story takes the reader on a bedtime journey across a peaceful and beautiful sea to sleep.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Ten Moonstruck Piglets Johnson, Lindsay Lee
Ten Moonstruck Piglets
On the night of the full moon, ten piglets go out adventuring while their mother is fast asleep.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: The Fiddler of the Northern Lights Kinsey-Warnock, Natalie -- and Minnesota Illustrator Leslie W. Bowman
The Fiddler of the Northern Lights
Henry and Grandpa go in search of the fiddler whose music makes the Northern Lights dance. Illustrator is Minnesotan Leslie W. Bowman. Minnesota Book Award Finalist.
Easy Picture Book KINSEY-WA
  Cover Art: Eli No Kirk, Katie
Eli No
Eli is an adorable dog who likes to get into trouble. When he eats too much, chases squirrels, or hogs the bed, his family yells, "Eli, no!"
Easy Picture Book
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