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HCL Administrative Policy


Section: HR7

Release Date: April 1998

Replaces Issue Dated: July 1989

Responsibility: Human Resources



The Library enjoys an excellent reputation among the citizens of Hennepin County. While there are many reasons for this reputation, one of the ways to help maintain it is for all staff to present a professional image to the public. It is important that the public have confidence in the staff and the staff members have confidence/pride in themselves when transacting business. To help present this image and foster public confidence, staff members must dress appropriately for their work assignment. Supervisors will discuss inappropriate dress with individual staff members.


Staff will wear clean and well-maintained attire appropriate to the type of work they do. Shoes are required and must also be well-maintained. Good grooming is required.

In compliance with this policy, the following are examples of unacceptable attire:

- torn, patched/faded clothing

- halter tops

- tube tops

- tank tops

- muscle shirts

- strapless sun dresses

- shorts shorter than mid-thigh

- shirts with slogans or large-letter advertising

- sweatsuits/warm-up suits; sweat pants

- thong-type sandals

Because of varied work assignments and working conditions, it is not practical to establish specific and absolute criteria as to what is or is not appropriate dress.


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