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Birthdays (3 titles)
These books are about birthdays and a little magic.
Caroline (6 titles)
These are books about Caroline Abbott an American Girl, she is from 1812.
Christmas Books (12 titles)
Dragon Fantasy Books (7 titles)
These are fantasy books with dragons in them. I would recommend the series by Kate Kilmo for both girls and boys.
Great Nonfiction For Kids (11 titles)
These books are best for fifth through seventh graders.
KIT KITTREDGE (11 titles)
Kit is living in the 1930's in the Great Depression. Her family goes through hard times. Can she help?
Peter.... (4 titles)
These books are AMAZING. They involve magic.(lots of it) And some violence;)
The Winnie Years (5 titles)
You can do anything! (8 titles)
These are books about kids who overcome challenges in life.
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