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All About Dogs (27 titles)
Stories and true books about wonderful dogs.
Camp Read-a-Lot Books (19 titles)
Librarians go to camp, too! These are some of the books Minnesota librarians and media specialists have discussed in their recent summer camps.
Cooking (6 titles)
Cool Cats (10 titles)
Dr. Seuss Books (12 titles)
Have you read all of these awesome books by Dr. Seuss?
Election Time (24 titles)
Learn more about U.S. elections and the Presidency.
Go for the Gold! (21 titles)
Books about the summer Olympics.
Happy Birthday, America! (21 titles)
Discover the exciting story of the founding of America.
Jokes & Riddles (18 titles)
Martin Luther King Jr. (17 titles)
More Summer Books (9 titles)
President Obama (14 titles)
Learn more about our newly elected President and the First Family.
Strange and Unexplained: Unsolved Mysteries (27 titles)
Summer Books (17 titles)
Summer Fun (26 titles)
Survival (28 titles)
Exciting adventures of kids facing everything from zombies, epidemics, and the wilderness, plus true books to help you prepare to survive disaster.
The Great Outdoors (15 titles)
Titanic (20 titles)
Stories and true books about the disastrous sinking of the Titanic.
Twins Baseball (13 titles)
Read about Minnesota's very own Twins Baseball team!
Winter Holidays (12 titles)
Learn amazing facts and trivia about the awesome winter holidays we celebrate.
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