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Amazing Animals of the World
Information on animals from aardvarks to zebras, including color photos and games.
America the Beautiful
Offers state history and current events. Includes images, maps, a timeline, quizzes and games. For elementary and middle school students.
American Indian Experience
Offers articles as well as primary documents, including treaties, speeches, traditional tales, maps and photos.
Biography In Context
Biographical information on people from throughout history, around the world, and across all disciplines and subject areas. Searchable by birth and death years and places, nationality, ethnicity, occupation or gender. Results include images, audio, and articles from periodicals and reference books.
Birds of North America Online
Provides life histories of bird species breeding in USA (including Hawaii) and Canada. Recordings of songs and calls. Image and video galleries.
Britannica for Kids
Encyclopedia articles, videos, websites and magazine articles. For elementary and middle school ages.
Britannica Reference Center
Accompanying the expansive encyclopedia articles are primary sources, news, websites, video, images, magazine articles, eBooks, and an interactive atlas.
Columbia Granger's World of Poetry
Full-text of widely read poems, including commentaries and biographies.
Contemporary World Music
Listen to and create playlists of contemporary and traditional world music recordings from every continent. Liner notes available in PDF.
Country histories, lifestyles, customs, statistical data, embassy contacts, images, maps, sounds, and recipes are provided.
Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos
Contiene información sobre gente, lugares, objetos, acontecimientos e ideas para los estudiantes de primaria a secundaria. Incluye enlaces a periódicos en español de todo el mundo. Aprovecha esta enciclopedia para investigar y divertirte.
Explore significant events in history using Scholastic's Cornerstones of Freedom book series. You can watch videos, read books online and other related material, visit recommended websites, do a project, and answer questions about your topic.
Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia
An encyclopedia of articles, images, maps, sound and multimedia. Research Starters offers suggestions for topics to study and a research plan for each topic. For middle and high school students.
Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia
Detailed information covering evolution, reproduction, ecology, behavior, importance to humans, and conservation.
InfoTrac Kids
Full-text articles from magazines, newspapers, and reference books.
Kids InfoBits
For beginning researchers in K-5. Full-text content is from elementary reference sources and magazines. Topics cover geography, current events, the arts, science, health, people, government, history and sports.
Kids Search
Offers magazine articles, biographies, essays, science resources, primary source documents, photos and maps. For elementary and middle school students.
Lands & Peoples
Interactive encyclopedia of countries cultures and events. Covers land, climate, people, government. Includes maps, images, data, time-lines, and links.
Literature Resource Center
Provides biographies, bibliographies and critical analysis of authors from every age and literary discipline. Topics covered include English, Modern Languages, Ancient History and Classics, Women's Studies, and Cultural Studies. Coverage goes back to 1400.
National Geographic Magazine
Search the complete archive of National Geographic magazine along with a collection of books, maps, images and videos. Archive includes 1888-Current.
New Book of Popular Science
News, science projects, biographies, and games covering a broad range of science categories. For grades 5-12.
Science In Context
Includes overviews, biographies, periodical articles, images and videos, and detailed experiments on popular science topics.
Search for encyclopedia and magazine articles about your favorite topic. Includes images and a dictionary. For kids in grades K-5.
Star Tribune
Full text of articles from the newspaper, 1986 to present. See also ProQuest Digital Microfilm.
Statesman's Yearbook
Covers history, politics, economics, trade and infrastructure for each country. Offers chronologies, information about international organizations and an archive of yearbooks back to the 1860's. Includes reading lists and web links for further research.
Student Resources in Context
Subjects include biography, literature, history, science, and multiculturalism. Includes full-text magazine and newspaper articles, primary documents, topical essays, biographies, critical analyses, timelines, photos and maps.
Investigate people, places, history as well as science and nature by reading books and articles, watching videos, doing projects, playing games, and exploring related websites.
TumbleBook Library
Animated, talking picture books. Kindergarten - Gr. 5. Highlighted text. Some titles in Spanish and French.
TumbleBook Library (Spanish)
Los TumbleBooks son libros animados, con ilustraciones que hablan, para enseñar a los niños los placeres de la lectura en un formato que les encantará.
U.S. History In Context
Primary documents, secondary sources, and journal articles covering all areas of U.S. history. Formerly titled History Resource Center: U.S.
World Book Kids
Find encyclopedia articles, research important people, get pictures, maps, sound and videos.
World Book Online (Student)
Contains encyclopedia entries, biographies, news articles, video, images, sounds and atlases for the student researcher.
World History In Context
Broad coverage moving chronologically from antiquity to the present and geographically around the globe. Content includes primary sources, reference books, periodicals, maps, atlases and images.
African American Registry 
An encyclopedia of African American people and heritage. Search by keyword, category or by name.
Americas Book Awards 
America's Story 
Famous Americans, the 50 states and more. Jump back in time to your birth date. From the Library of Congress.
Amusement Park Physics 
Bumper cars, roller coasters, free fall rides - all are designed using basic laws of physics. Learn more!
Animal Diversity Web 
Complete facts plus pictures, sounds, and classification. From the University of Michigan.
Animal Facts 
Photos and facts from National Geographic.
Animal Sounds 
Listen to animal sounds and find animal facts.
Animals at the Minnesota Zoo 
Facts and photos about 80+ animals found at the Minnesota Zoo.
Find info about threatened species including habitats, range, photos, and video.
Ask for Kids 
Search engine for kids.
Author Websites 
Fun facts about favorite authors with links to their websites.
Award Winning Books 
Lists of award winning books with links to the catalog.
Ben's Guide to Government 
Information about how government works. Organized by grade level. From the U.S. Government.
Biography - Best Books 
Inspiring stories about real people. Books are linked to the catalog.
Black History 
Photos and information about famous African-Americans, plus links to books, timelines, places in history and more.
Books & Reading 
Booklists from Hennepin County Library to help you find the right book to read.
Books for Beginning Readers 
Titles for emerging readers, from easiest words to first chapter books.
Life cycles,photos and FAQs. See more at Butterflies and Moths of North America
Online calculator.
Caldecott Medal Winners 
Climate Change 
Facts about climate, weather, and greenhouse effect.
Convertidor de medidas 
Calculadoras para convertir medidas de temperatura, peso, longitud, área y volumen.
Cool Math 4 Kids 
Games for learning math facts, plus activities for learning fractions and geometry.
Coretta Scott King Awards 
Countries & States 
Find information about any country or state in the U.S.
Country Factbook - CIA 
Complete and detailed facts about all countries.
Student dictionary from Merriam-Webster. Includes illustrations.
Dictionary of math words 
Includes images which help to explain math words.
A guide to over 300 dinosaurs. Includes timeline and countries where dinosaurs lived.
Discovery Kids 
Cool science site from the Discovery Channel.
News article and current events for kids.
Dr. Seuss Award 
Best author or illustrator of books for beginning readers. Known as the Theodor Seuss Geisel Award.
Energy Kids 
Facts, games and a glossary will help you learn about all kinds of energy.
Fact Monster 
First Ladies of the United States 
Learn about the wives of the Presidents.
Geography Quiz 
Practice naming the countries of the world by continent. Created by Lizard Point consulting.
Giggle Poetry 
Hundreds of poems for kids to read and rate.
Grammar Gorillas 
Nouns, verbs, adjectives and more. Click here to practice naming parts of speech.
Graphs & charts - make one 
An easy tool for creating graphs and charts.
Gryphon Award 
Best easy-to-read books for children Grades K - 4.
Guided Reading Levels, Lexile Score & Accelerated Reader 
Information about these reading tools.
Here There Everywhere 
News for kids from near and far.
Hispanic Heritage 
Meet famous Latinos and learn about Hispanic history in the Americas.
How Things Are Made 
Use the search box to find detailed information. Excellent drawings included.
InfoPlease Biography 
More than 30,000 biographies from Information Please Almanac. Search by name or subject.
Information Book Sibert Award 
Juega y aprende 
Actividades en línea e imprimibles para aprender las letras, los números, las figuras geométricas y más.
Kids Health 
Full of fun and healthy facts about you. Don't miss the Daily Brain Buzz!
Kids Post 
Short news stories from the Washington Post of interest to kids.
Explore, learn and have fun with government sites about history, health, science and more.
Latino - Pura Belpre Award 
MadSci Network 
Explore Mad Labs, Ask-A-Scientist, or search the MadSci Library for questions and answers.
Map Maker - United States 
Choose to show state capitals, weather, history, geology and more. Printable maps available.
Maps to print 
Print maps from continents to countries with or without country labels. From National Geographic.
Math facts - make flashcards 
Create and print your own flashcards.
Math facts - practice all 0-12 
Timed practice with any numbers you choose between 0 and 12.
Math facts - practice baseball 
Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Maya y Miguel 
Juegos, recetas, actividades imprimibles y videos de Maya y Miguel.
Measures - calculator 
Conversion calculator - covers length, weight, and temperature.
Measures - change from Metric 
Formulas to change from metric to U.S, system.
Measures - change to Metric 
Formulas to change from U.S. system to metric.
State symbols, history, trivia and more fun facts.
Minnesota - Maud Hart Lovelace 
Minnesota Community Profiles 
Statistics profiles of Minnesota communities.
Minnesota History Center 
Photos and more about Minnesota people, places, and history.
Money - make change 
Practice choosing the right change. Easy to hard games.
National Geographic Kids 
Information about space, nature, animals, and cool games and activities.
Native American Websites 
Information from over 100 websites about Native American tribes. From Multnomah County Library, OR.
Native Americans: Facts for Kids 
Excellent for school reports. Information on over 33 Native American tribes, including Chippewa (Ojibwe).
Native Web: Nations List 
Alphabetical list of tribes and nations, including local groups. Links to official websites included.
Newbery Medal Winners 
News for Kids 
Top news stories and features from around the world, written for kids. From Scholastic Publishing.
Newton's Apple 
Facts, video and science fair ideas from the Newton's Apple TV show.
Nuevos libros para niños 
Títulos nuevos en español en las bibliotecas del Hennepin County.
Pet Care 
Covers dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and smaller pets.
Presidents of the United States 
Video, audio, photos and facts for all 44 Presidents from the History Channel.
Schneider Family Book Award 
Science Fair Project Guide 
Find help on getting started, choosing your topic, and displaying your project.
Science Fair Project Ideas 
Science fair project ideas. Sort by grade level and topic. Complete instructions included.
Science for Kids 
Explore climate change, the earth, astronomy and more. From the American Museum of Natural History.
Science News for Kids 
Articles on a wide variety of science topics. Check out the ScienceFairZone!
Series Books from Series Binder 
Space Place 
Games, animations, projects, and fun facts about Earth, space and technology.
Stately Knowledge 
Facts and links to official state websites.
The Space Place en español 
El sitio de la NASA para niños que contiene juegos y actividades acerca del espacio, ciencia, tecnología y la Tierra.
Find words and their synonyms (same meaning) and antonyms (opposite meaning).
This Day in History 
Choose a day of the month to find out what happened in past years. From the History Channel.
Time Capsule: On the Day You Were Born 
Enter a day, month and year. Then click on Quick Page to get a list of news headlines, top songs, prices, and more.
Time Magazine for Kids 
Online version of the Time magazine, written for kids.
U. S. History Timeline 
Scroll through the timeline for key events in America.
Women's History 
Biographies of notable women and information on the history of women’s rights.