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Bridge to Terabithia
by Katherine Paterson
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1.Do you like sad stories? Why or why not?
2.Jess wanted to be the very fastest runner in the 5th grade. Is there something you're the best at? Or something you want to be the best at?
3.Jess has four sisters. May Belle, who is 7 years old, looks up to him. Do you have a brother or sister who looks up to you? Or do you look up to an older brother or sister? Why?
4.Have you ever had a secret place like Terabithia where you can go? (Since it's secret, you don't have to tell us where it is.) Do you have a friend who goes there with you, or do you go alone?
5.Everyone in Jesss class had to write about a favorite hobby for homework one time. Leslie wrote about scuba diving. Jess wrote about football, because he thought everyone would laugh at him if he said that drawing was his favorite hobby. Do you have a favorite hobby that you could admit to? What is it?
6.Have you ever been good friends with a boy? If so, did anyone give you a hard time because of it?
7.When the bully Janice Avery steals May Belle's Twinkies from her, Jess and Leslie get even by playing a trick on Janice. They write a love note to her, pretending it is from the boy she likes. Did you think this was a good joke? Did it really make things "even"?
8.Jess didn't have any money to buy a holiday present for his best friend, Leslie, but he got her a free puppy. What would happen at your house if your best friend gave you a puppy without checking with your parents first? Why do you think Leslie's parents didn't seem upset?
9.Leslie's parents are a lot different from Jess's parents, and probably a lot different from the parents of most of the kids at their small school. How do you think this makes Leslie feel?
10.Why do you think Jess invited his little sister May Belle to come into Terabithia, which had been his secret place with Leslie?
11.Have you ever had a special teacher like Miss Edmunds? Tell us a little about that teacher.
12.When Miss Edmunds, the music teacher, asks Jess to spend the day with her in the city, Jess is careful to make sure his mother is not fully awake when he asks permission to go. Have you ever done something like that? Why do you think that might be a good idea? Why might it be a bad idea?
13.Why do you think Miss Edmunds invited Jess to spend the day with her in the city?
14.Jess thinks and does some things that might seem pretty strange for someone who just found out his best friend has died. What were some of those things? How do you think you might have reacted if you were Jess?
15.Why do you think that Leslie's dad couldn't "give up" P.T. the puppy to Jess?
16.Can you think of anything Mrs. Myers (Jess's and Leslie's teacher) and Janice Avery (the bully) have in common? (Hint: Are they really as tough as people think they are?)
17.Why do you think Leslie and Jess created Terabithia?
18.How did Jess's friendship with Leslie change him? Do you think he will live his life differently now? In what ways?
19.Why do you think Jess threw his paints and paper -- his very special gift from Leslie -- into the creek?
20.If you had to write another chapter or a sequel to this story, what would you have happen?
21.Miss Edmunds is very interested in Jess's drawings. Why do you think that is so important to him?
22.This story is told from Jess's point of view. How do you think Leslie might tell the story?
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