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Fly by Night
by Frances Hardinge
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1.How did Mosca get her name? What does it mean?
2.What talent set Mosca apart from the other people in Chough? Why was her ability to read a problem?
3.Are books dangerous? Why or why not?
4.Why do all written materials require the stamp of the Stationers’ Guild? Why don’t Clent’s papers have the stamp, and what could happen to him if they’re discovered?
5.Who are the Birdcatchers, and what is their function in Mosca’s society?
6.Who are the Locksmiths and the Thief Takers?
7.Think about the words you use. Do you use different types of words for different occasions? With different people? How does language define us? How do words come to mean different things?
8.Why does Mosca describe “real riches” as snow? Who was the lady all in white?
9.How are Mosca’s idea of a highwayman and the reality of Black Captain Blythe different?
10.Why should Mosca beware men who wear gloves when no one else does?
11.Who is Mabwick Toke and what is the Telling Word? Why was the presence of an illegal printing press such a problem?
12.Why are the coffeehouses on boats?
13.Why were both the Stationers and the Locksmiths after Hopewood Pertellis?
14.Pick one word to describe Vocado Avourlace, Duke of Mandelion. How did Lady Tamarind attempt to guide the fate of Mandelion?
15.What did Mosca learn about her father from the chapbook she bought from the book man?
16.Why did Clent think the Duke’s arrest of all the Locksmiths in the city would lead to war? Who is the real power in the land, despite the factions of the kings and queens?
17.What did Kohlrabi tell Mosca about her father?
18.What choice did Mosca make that changed everything?
19.Why do the children of the Floating School dislike Mosca so much?
20.How did Mosca figure out where Partridge got the odd marks on his face before he died? How did the marks explain more of what happened to Partridge?
21.Who attacked the Laurel Bower? Who helped the coffeehouse?
22.What is the significance of the fly in Lady Tamarind’s face powder?
23.Why did Mosca lie about what happened to the printing press? What did she learn about her father from the book in the barge?
24.Who decides what is true? Why might words be dangerous?
25.Would you want a happy ending or more story? Why?
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