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Ella Enchanted
by Gail Carson Levine
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1.What parts of this story are like the classic story of Cinderella? What parts are really different?
2.If Lucinda gave you the gift of obedience, what do you think you would do? How would you try to break the curse of the gift?
3.Would it be better to choose to do good than to be forced into being good? Why?
4.Do you have something from your mother that you treasure as much as Ella treasured the necklace that belonged to her mother? What is it? How do you think Ella felt when Hattie made Ella give the necklace to her?
5.How do you feel about Ella's father? Should he have tried to marry her to an older man for his money? Should he have left her with Dame Olga and her daughters?
6.Ella's father tries to set up a marriage for her with a man who is much older. What do you think of arranged marriages?
7.Mandy tells Ella she has a drop of fairy blood in her. What things happen in the story that seem like Ella may have a little "small magic" of her own?
8.Ella has a gift -- a natural ability -- with learning and speaking other languages. Do you think this would be a good gift? Why or why not?
9.How does Ella's ability to learn languages help her in her adventures?
10.Do you think girls should go to "finishing school" to learn music, writing, manners, dancing, and how to behave properly? Why or why not?
11.Lucinda also gave gifts to other characters in the book: to the giants at their wedding, she gave the gift of being together always, and to Ella's father and Dame Olga, she gave eternal love. Can you think of another gift not in the story that might sound like a good gift but that really might be a curse?
12.When Ella uses bogweed in a bouquet to get Hattie to tell the truth, she learns that Hattie will never stop giving her orders. If you had been Ella, what other questions might have you asked while Hattie was under the spell to tell the truth?
13.What would be the good points and bad points of blind obedience?
14.What is there to admire about Ella?
15.Do you think there's a difference between choosing to do good and being forced into it?
16.Why do you think Ella is able to break the curse of obedience when she at first refuses to marry Char?
17.How is the curse of obedience potentially dangerous to even the people who are Ella's friends and whom she loves?
18.What gift would you bestow upon a newborn girl?
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