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Ender's Game
by Orson Scott Card
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1.At the beginning of the book Ender is constantly being observed by a monitoring system. Would you like to be monitored all of the time? What sorts of embarrassing stuff would the monitor have caught in your life?
2.At the beginning of the book Ender keeps kicking Stilson even after he's down and Ender has won the encounter. Do you think he had to do this? Was it the right thing to do?
3.Mazer Rackham is the legendary military hero that has taken on almost mythical status in the story, can you think of any American equivalents?
4.Why did Graff go out of his way to make all the other kids at combat school hate Ender?
5.Do you think Ender would have been as tough if he hadn't grown up with Peter always picking on him?
6.The first time Ender meets Bean, Bean makes a snotty remark and Ender cant decide if he likes him or not. Why?
7.If the humans had lost the battle of the 3rd invasion and they knew it would only be a matter of 20-30 years for the Buggers to get to Earth and destroy it, would you think the IF should tell everyone on Earth that the end is coming or let them live out their remaining years in ignorance and bliss until the Buggers got there?
8.Valentine to Ender: "Welcome to the human race. Nobody controls his own life, Ender." Is that true? Are you in control of your own life?
9.What did you think about the ending? What happened? Did this satisfy you?
10.Ender: "I can't win a battle if I'm so terrified of losing a ship that I never take any risks" . . . do you think Ender would have been able to take the risks he did if he had known that there were real people in those ships and that the loss of a ship meant the loss of an actual human life?
11."Don't start apologizing for them, Ender. Just because they didn't know they were killing human beings doesn't mean they weren't killing human beings." Were the Buggers, then, doing something that was morally wrong?
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