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Everything on a Waffle
by Polly Horvath
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1.What did you think of Primrose's mother following her father out to sea?
2.Did you think Primrose was unrealistic in believing her parents were still alive? Why or why not?
3.Why do you think everyone was so concerned that Primrose didn't believe her parents had died?
4.Primrose continually asks the adults if they have ever known something that no one else believed could be true. Have you ever felt that way? About what?
5.After Primrose's parents are lost at sea, she lives with Miss Perfidy for a while. What do you think of their friendship?
6.The word "perfidy" is a real word. It means: "Deliberate breach of faith; treachery." And "treachery" means "a willful betrayal of trust." Do you think these definitions fit what we know of Miss Perfidy? Why or why not?
7.Would you want to live in Coal Harbour? Why or why not?
8.What would you want to eat on a waffle?
9.Do you think that Uncle Jack will ever convince Miss Bowzer to stop serving food on waffles? Do you think he will get her to change her restaurant? Why or why not?
10.Why do you think Uncle Jack took care of Primrose, even though at the beginning he told the town council that he couldn't -- or wouldn't?
11.What did you think of Uncle Jack?
12.What do you think would happen to you if both of your parents suddenly disappeared? Would you go live with a relative like Uncle Jack or a family friend like Miss Perfidy?
13.Who was your favorite adult in Primrose's life? Why?
14.The chapters had funny titles like "I lose a toe" and "I set fire to a guinea pig." Did these chapter titles get you excited about what was going to come? Or how else did they make you feel?
15.What do you think about Primrose losing both a toe and part of a finger? Were those just accidents that happened, or do you think they mean (or symbolize) more than that?
16.When Primrose goes to live with Evie and Bert, the foster parents, she tells them her stories and then finally breaks down crying for the first time. Why do you think she finally was able to cry?
17.All of the chapters ended with recipes. Do you think that you might make something from the recipes? Which ones?
18.At the end of the book, Primrose says she figured out why Miss Honeycut always told stories. Why do you think Miss Honeycut was always talking so much about her family back in England?
19.Were you surprised by the ending of this book? How did you think it was going to end?
20.What, if anything, surprised you most in the story?
21.Was there anything in the story that seemed unbelievable? What was it? And did it make the story less fun to read, or better?
22.Was Miss Honeycut just doing her job as the school guidance counselor? Or did she get more involved than she should have with Primrose's life?
23.What do you think about the way the other kids at school treated Primrose?
24.Primrose did not seem to have any friends her own age. Why do you think that is? Would you want to be her friend? Why or why not?
25.How do you think Primrose's classmates reacted when they found out her parents were really still alive?
26.Despite the many horrible things that happened in this book, it had a happy ending. Do you like happy endings? Why or why not?
27.What do you think will happen to Primrose in the future?
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