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Pictures of Hollis Woods
by Patricia Reilly Giff
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1.What does the title of the book mean? Is it a good title for this story?
2.Do you have any favorite memories or "pictures" in your mind? What are they?
3.Why did Hollis love being witht he Old Man, Steven, and Izzy so much? Why does she love Josie?
4.Who is your favorite character? Favorite scene?
5.What is the perfect position in the family? Where are you?
6.Do you think this was a sad story or a happy story? Why?
7.Are Hollis and Henry the cat really as tough as other people think they are? How do you know?
8.The story is told with some chapters set in the present and some chapters as memories of Hollis's life before she came to live with Josie. How does this story structure, especially the numerical pictures, reveal Hollis's desire to be a part of the Regan family?
9.Was it a good idea for Hollis to take Josie to the Regans' summer house? Why or why not?
10.Hollis has lived in different foster homes since she was born. Even though she seems to want to stay with the Regans, why did she leave them?
11.Hollis is a talented artist who "sees" by drawing pictures. Even if you don't draw your memories the way Hollis does, do you see your own memories as pictures? Or do you have more memories that are sounds or smells?
12.Why do you think Hollis skips school a lot and runs away from foster homes so much?
13.What do you think is Hollis's idea of "home"?
14.There is a saying "a picture is worth a thousand words." What do you think this saying means?
15.Do you know anyone who is (or was) a foster child, that is, someone who lives with people who aren't their parents but who isn't adopted? If so, do you think that person is like Hollis at all? Why or why not?
16.Do you think Josie was a good foster parent for Hollis? Why or why not?
17.Why do you think Hollis is so determined to stay with Josie?
18.Steven secretly helps Hollis and Josie when they're at his family's summer house. Why do you think Steven doesn't tell anyone that Hollis and Josie are there?
19.We get to know Hollis partly from her descriptions of the pictures she draws. How are these pictures different from the "Hollis" she lets other people see?
20.Why does Hollis think the accident with Steven is her fault?
21.Why do you think Hollis didn't want to tell other adults about Josie's forgetfulness? How would you have handled the situation?
22.The Old Man and Izzy (Steven's parents) seem to want Hollis for a daughter as much as Hollis wants them for a family. So why do you think Hollis didn't go home with the Old Man when he came to see her after the accident?
23.Have you ever felt so happy that you wanted to climb a mountain and shout to the world, like Hollis did? What made you so happy?
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