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Girl, 15, Charming But Insane
by Sue Limb
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1.Why does Jess think Flora has a charmed life? Which character would you rather be?
2.Have you ever had a friend toward whom you felt jealousy? Do you think it's possible to maintain a friendship in which one friend is always envious of the other?
3.How would you describe Jess's sense of humor?
4.Jess is stunned to learn that a video camera was secretly taping the girls in the bathroom at a party. How would you feel if a similar prank were pulled at school or at a party? Harmless joke? Violation?
5.Jess's mum tells her, "I just hate the thought of you turning into the sort of little tart who chases boys all the time. You were so original and independent as a child." (p. 141) Why is her mom so worried? Do you think that Jess spends too much time worrying about boys?
6.In Chapter 9 Jess rewrites in her head the conversation she has with Flora, Ben and Mackenzie in the style of a Jane Austen novel. If you were having a disappointing conversation, which author would you choose to rewrite it?
7.How would you describe Jess's relationship with her dad? Why might he be reluctant to have her visit?
8.In Chapter 16 Jess has to miss Fred's mother's birthday party in order to take care of a crisis at home and later lies to him about it. How does her lie affect Fred? Why do you think we sometimes choose to lie when we haven't done anything wrong?
9.How does Jess come up with a name for Flora's band? What would you name your rock band?
10.Jess spends a lot of time mooning over Ben, only to realize that he isn't the guy for her after all. How does this affect her other relationships: with her mother, Flora, Fred?
11.How are the Jess's teachers characterized? Do they seem realistic? Stereotyped?
12.Why was the band rehearsal such a disaster? How does Jess use the truth to come up with a solution?
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