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Millicent Min, Girl Genius
by Lisa Yee
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1.Describe Millicent. What are her strengths? What are her weaknesses?
2.Have you ever known a genius? How did that person fit in?
3.Which of these characters would you like to be: Millicent, Emily or Stanford? Why?
4.Have you ever moved to a new school? How did you make friends?
5.How do you think you would cope with college at your age?
6.Millicent thought her parents were really weird. Were they?
7.How did Millicent's relationship with Stanford change in their tutoring sessions together?
8.Millicent's mom made her play volleyball? Hav eyou ever had to do something that you thought was awful but ended up good?
9.Which class did Millicent choose when her parents told her to pick something fun that didn’t involve math? Why did she choose it?
10.Is Debbie really Millicent’s friend? Why or why not?
11.Why do you think Millicent misunderstands people?
12.How is a family not a democracy?
13.How did Millicent prepare for volleyball? Why do you think all her calculations didn’t help her to actually play volleyball?
14.Who is Stanford Wong and why do he and Millicent not get along?
15.Who is Emily, and why do you think Millicent decided not to tell her that she is a genius?
16.Why did Millicent panic when Emily invited her to a sleepover? What is she worried about? How did she prepare?
17.Where does Millicent belong? Where do you belong?
18.Did Millicent use any words you didn’t know? How did you understand what she was saying?
19.Describe the salt shaker incident.
20.What do Emily and Millicent have in common? How are they different?
21.Which books did Millicent choose for Stanford to read? Why did she select those titles?
22.Why do you think Emily and Millicent each get along with the other’s mother so well?
23.Do you think Emily is right when she says “it’s more work to be mean than it is to be nice”? Why or why not?
24.How did Millicent’s feelings about volleyball change over the course of the book? Why?
25.What happened when Emily and Stanford met for the first time?
26.How do Stanford and Emily change when they’re around each other?
27.How have Stanford and Emily changed Millicent?
28.How were placemats Millicent’s downfall? How did Emily feel when she discovered that Millicent and Stanford had been lying to her? How would you feel in her place?
29.Why does Millicent wish she had school 24 hours a day?
30.Why was it so difficult for Millicent to apologize to Emily? What did she need to apologize for?
31.Why did Stanford rescue Millicent from Digger? How did the trip to the Fiesta end up being the best day ever?
32.How did this summer change Millicent?
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