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Gregor the Overlander
by Suzanne Collins
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1.How have the inhabitants of the Underland adapted to their environment? What do you think would happen if any of them came to the surface?
2.Talk about Gregor's personality. Of all his character traits, which do you find most admirable? Could he be your friend? Why?
3.Giant cockroaches, rats, and bats inhabit the Underland. Gregor is scared but keeps his cool. How and why do you think he does it, and why is it important to him that he appear brave? How would you react if you were staring down into the face of a four-foot cockroach?
4.Vikus tells Gregor: "The journey will be difficult. The prophecy warns that four of the twelve will lose life. It may be wisest to leave Boots here." While it seems that Gregor's desire to bring his baby sister on the quest is foolish, she does play a crucial role as a quester. What is it?
5.Before leaving for the quest, Gregor is brought to the Underland museum to choose things that might aid him on his journey. He selects a flashlight and batteries, a construction worker's hardhat with a light, and a can of root beer. What did you think he would do with these items? How in fact do these things come in handy? He could have taken a baseball. Why didn't he?
6.What race/nationality do you think Gregor is? What other books have you read where the character is other than Caucasian American? (Conch Bearer; House of Dies Drear)
7.How far down would you fall after 70 seconds?? (p.16)
8.It would give them no time. What do the underlanders mean by no time? Life? (p.43)
9.What did you think of the first battle scene, when Gregor tried to escape and met up with the rats Shed and Fangor. (p.85)
10.What did you think of the scene with the spinners? Do you like spiders?
11.What would it take for you to trust a 6 foot rat??
12.What some examples of respect and disrespect in the story?
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