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Paint the Wind
by Pam Munoz Ryan
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1.Have you ever rode on a horse? If so, did you enjoy it? Where you afraid to ride for the first time?
2.There are many stories written about horses. Have you read any? Do you have a favorite horse story?
3.The author writes that the name “Maya” means “a journey about to begin.” (p.8) Is this a good name for the main character of this book? Why or why not?
4.The book is broken into four parts. The author names these four parts Walk, Jog, Lope and Gallop in that order. What significance does this have to the story?
5.In the beginning of the book, the story alternates between the horse Artemesia’s point of view and Maya’s. Did you like that? Why or why not?
6.Both Maya and Artemesia experienced their freedoms being taken away from them; Maya by her grandmother and Artemesia by the wranglers rounding up wild horses. In what other ways are the girl and the horse similar?
7.“The only way to capture a ghost horse is to paint the tail of the wind.” (page 191) What do you think this quote means. Is Paint the Wind a good title for this book?
8.Maya tells Aunt Vi that her grandmother was strict and mean to her, not letting her have friends and play sports and stuff like that. Why did her grandmother act that way? Did your opinion of her change throughout the novel?
9.When Maya and Payton first meet, they do not like each other. Have you ever met someone that you didn’t get along with at first but then ended up being friends with later?
10.Did you like what Maya did at the very end of the book? Would you have done the same?
11.Should there be a sequel to this book? What do you think would happen?
12.Paint the Wind goes back and forth between Maya's and Artemisia's points-of-view. Why do you think the author did this? Do you think it helped the story to have it told this way?
13.What is the significance of the toy horses? Why is Maya so upset when the maid throws them in the garbage?
14.How do you think you would you have reacted to having another family?
15.Who are Walter, Frederick, and Violet?
16.Why do you think May creates false stories about her life?
17.Maya and Payton don't like each other when they first meet. Why do you think that happens?
18.How do you feel about Maya unlatching the gate after Payton had locked the horses away?
19.Why do you think Maya and Payton are acting out?
20.How did you feel when the helicopters came for the horses?
21.How did Maya end up alone in the woods with Artemisia?
22.Everything was gone when Maya and Artemisia got back to camp. What would you have done if you had been in Maya's shoes?
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