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Ruby Lu, Brave and True
by Lenore Look
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1.Have you ever wanted to drive a real car? What do you think might happen to you if you did?
2.What did you think when you found out Ruby really drove her parents' car to Chinese school?
3.Ruby is not "a good cleaner-upper." Would you say you are good at cleaning your room? Why or why not?
4.Ruby likes to perform magic tricks. Do you know any magic tricks? Or do you put on any other types of shows for your family and friends?
5.Ruby has a box of old birthday candles and Thanksgiving wishbones. She also makes wishes on stars in the sky. Do you use any of those things to make wishes?
6.Ruby Lu likes to pretend she is a frog. Her new friend Ruby likes to pretend she is a lizard. What do you like to pretend to be?
7.Ruby's little brother Oscar ruins some of her magic tricks. Do you have a brother or sister who ruins something for you? What do they do?
8.Did you try flipping the lower corners of the book so you could see the magic trick? If you haven't done it, try it now.
9.Ruby says that the best thing about living on her street is "everything." What is the best thing about living where you live?
10.Do you know any words in Chinese? Or can you tell us a word you learned and liked from the glossary beginning on page 102?
11.Ruby's grandfather is GungGung, which is a Chinese word that means your "mother's father." Her grandmother is PohPoh, which is a Chinese word that means your "mother's mother." What do you call YOUR grandparents?
12.Ruby wanted Oscar to learn to talk, but then when he does learn to talk, he says things that give away her magic tricks. What have you wanted to have happen that didn't turn out the way you expected it to?
13.Oscar learns Chinese words faster than Ruby does. Do you have a brother or sister who does something faster or better than you? What can they do? And what can you do better than they can?
14.Ruby's father is very good at knitting. What is your father very good at doing?
15.Christina from California is not very nice when she moves onto Ruby's street. Why do you think she was so mean?
16.When the new girl, Christina from California, gets sick, everyone is nice to her, so she ends up being nicer, too. Have you ever tried being nice to a bully? What happened?
17.Ruby is famous after she is in the newspaper for driving to Chinese school. Have you ever been in the newspaper? What for?
18.What did you think of the pictures in this book?
19.Ruby makes a new friend who is also named Ruby. Do you have a friend who has the same name as you? If you said yes, do you like that you have the same name -- or not?
20.Ruby did not want to go to Chinese school at first. Do you think you would like to go to Chinese school? Why or why not?
21.Ruby knows the meaning of her Chinese name is "beautiful lake." Do you know the meaning of your name? Is your name from another language besides English?
22.Ruby's mother says, "Learning something fast is not important." Can you think of anything that took you a long time to learn?
23.Ruby had lots of different feelings about her cousin Flying Duck coming to live with her family. What was one way she felt about it?
24.What is one thing about people from China that you would like to learn now after you have read this book?
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