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Room One: a Mystery or Two
by Andrew Clements
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1.Why does Ted like May best? What is your favorite month, and why?
2.What did Ted see on his paper route that shouldn’t have been there?
3.What is so funny about Room One? Why is there only one classroom at Red Prairie Learning Center?
4.Would you feel lonely, if you were the only kid in your class? What is your favorite thing to do at recess?
5.What happened to the Andersons—why did they have to move away?
6.What items did Ted think he’d need to set up a stakeout at the Anderson farm?
7.What did Ted deduce about the girl at the Anderson farm after their first meeting?
8.Who are the people who are living in the Anderson house? Why are they living there?
9.Why were the 4th graders in Room One getting out of hand? Who is the ringleader of the group?
10.Describe Ted’s area in Room One. How would you set up your very own workspace?
11.Why did Ruby, the cashier at the general store, ask Ted so many questions about the items in his shopping cart?
12.What “badges” did Ted “earn” on his shopping trip? Why do you think he made up these imaginary badges for himself, while helping April and her family?
13.Would you have been afraid to meet April’s mom, knowing that her name had been on TV? Why or why not?
14.What was Mrs. Mitchell thinking about, instead of Ted?
15.What would happen to Plattsford if the school closed?
16.How did Ted manage to keep his promise to April without telling a lie to his teacher? What is the power of a promise?
17.What did Ted find when he arrived at the Anderson farm on Friday morning? How did he work out what had happened to April and her family?
18.Why do you think Deputy Linwood wouldn’t tell Mrs. Mitchell anything about what happened to April and her family?
19.List all the clues Ted noticed on his second visit out to the Anderson farm after April and her family left.
20.Where did Ted finally get some unexpected information what happened at the Anderson farm? How did it change his idea of what had happened to April and her family?
21.Why did Ted go to Mrs. Mitchell for help? Who would you ask for help, if you had a really big problem, and why?
22.What is your favorite kind of book? Why do you like that kind so much? Make a list.
23.Why do you think April and her family decided to leave Plattsford before Ted and his mom came to pick them up?
24.Where was April, when she called Ted? What did she leave for him at the Kosczinski farm?
25.What were the results of Ted’s acts of kindness toward April and her family? How did his actions help both April and his town?
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