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The Tail of Emily Windsnap
by Liz Kessler
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1.Would you like to be a mermaid? Why or why not?
2.What do you think would be the best thing about being a mermaid? And the worst?
3.Emily visited Shona's mermaid school. If Shona could somehow visit Emily's school, what do you suppose she would think about what human girls have to learn at school?
4.Would this book make a good movie? Why or why not? And can you think of someone who would play the part of Emily?
5.Did you like the writing in this book? Did the writing create strong images for you?
6.Why do you think Neptune changed his mind about his laws?
7.Do you think Mr. Beeston is really bad? Why or why not?
8.If you had magical powers, would you keep that a secret? Why or why not?
9.Why do you think Emily's mother never re-married after Emily's father disappeared?
10.Do you think it was brave or foolish for Emily to take out the boat by herself? Why?
11.Did you figure out Mr. Beeston was a merman before Emily did? If so, what were the clues?
12.Why was Shona so important to Emily? And do you think it is important to have a best friend, or is it okay to have lots of good friends?
13.Why do you think Mandy was so mean to Emily?
14.Would you like to live on a boat? Why or why not?
15.The prison where Emily's father was kept had hammerhead sharks for guards. Do you think that the mermaids have any kind of magical powers over the sharks or other seas creatures? What might those powers be?
16.Had you thought that Millie might also be a mermaid and might also be working for Neptune, like Mr. Beeston? Why or why not?
17.Why do you think Emily was so afraid when she figured out the shipwreck she and Shona took an adventure to turned out to be the ship her mother had dreamed about?
18.Mr. Beeston was erasing Emily's mother's memory. If Neptune's law was going to keep them apart, do you think it was better for her mother that she couldn't remember anyway? And do you think it was harder for Emily's father in prison, who DID remember about his wife and child who he could never see again?
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