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by Sara Pennypacker
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1.Have you ever accidentally (or on purpose) cut your own hair? Or someone else's? What happened?
2.Why was it probably a bad idea for Clementine to make phone calls from the principal's office?
3.Do you have brothers or sisters? Who do you think is the "easy one" in your family?
4.Is your room at home more like Margaret's picture-perfect room or more like Clementine's messy room?
5.Clementine is afraid of pointy things and boomerangs. What weird things are you afraid of?
6.Have you ever pretended to be asleep? Did it work?
7.Clementine rides the elevator in her apartment building to calm down when she is mad. How do you make yourself feel better when you're in a bad mood?
8.Clementine cut off all of her hair to make Margaret feel better. Was that a good idea? Why or why not?
9.Do you think you are better or worse than Clementine at paying attention?
10.Are Clementine's "great ideas" really great ideas? Why or why not?
11.Which of Clementine's "great ideas" was your favorite? Why?
12.Clementine has lots of different names of vegetables that she calls her brother. Do you have any nicknames? Or do you have any nicknames for your brothers or sisters?
13.Did you think, like Clementine did, that her parents were going to get rid of her? Why or why not?
14.Clementine names kittens after things she finds in the bathroom, like Laxative and Moisturizer. What other names for pets might you think of from the bathroom?
15.Did you guess Clementine's parents were going to give her a party and a kitten? If you did guess, what clues did you have?
16.Do you know anyone who is like Clementine? If so, is that person fun to be around? Why or why not?
17.If you were Margaret, would you still want to be friends with Clementine after the hair incident? Why or why not?
18.Is Clementine a good friend? Why or why not?
19.If you got to spend an afternoon with Clementine, what would you want to do together?
20.Clementine gives her brother rides in a wok. What fun things do you like to do with your brothers or sisters?
21.If you had a problem with a friend like Margaret and Clementine did, what would you do to make things okay between you again?
22.Clementine likes art class in school, but not journal writing. What are your favorite things to do at school?
23.Clementine says, "If they had a special class for gifted kids in art, I would definitely be in it." If there could be a gifted class for one of your special talents, what would it be?
24.Clementine cleaned her room and found lots of strange things under her bed. If we looked right now, what would we find under your bed?
25.Clementine had "not so good of a week." What do you think Margaret thinks about the week that she is having? And why do you think she lets Clementine keep working on her hair?
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