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The Golden Hour
by Maiya Williams
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1.Have you ever taken a trip to somewhere you didn’t want to go, but had to anyway? Where? Did you end up liking it?
2.If you could travel back in time, where would you go? What would you like to see?
3.Aunt Agatha and Gertrude have some very interesting and unique items in their curio shop. If you could travel back in time and bring back an object with you to the future, what would it be?
4.Rowan and Nina stay for a month at their aunt’s house, which has no electricity. What would you like about staying somewhere without electricity? What would you not like about it?
5.When Rowan, Xanthe and Xavier travel back in time to Paris 1789, they swallow a language interpreter so that they can speak and understand French. Can you speak a foreign language? If you had a language interpreter like in the story, which language would you want to speak?
6.What did you learn about the French Revolution that you didn’t know before reading this book?
7.What do we know about Rowan at the beginning of this book? What did he look like? What kind of person was he?
8.What did you like about the Owatannauk Hotel? Did the way the characters traveled back in time make sense to you?
9.At the beginning of the book, Rowan makes a list of the "Top 10 Reason Why My Life Stinks". Rowan's outlook changes quite a bit by the end of the book. If he wrote a list of "Top 10 Reasons Why My Life is Awesome" what do you think might be on the list?
10.What did you think of Xavier and Xanthe? Were they essential to the story? Would the story be very different if the author had not included those characters?
11.Did you like the ending of the story? Why did Nina go where she did? Did it surprise you?
12.How was Nina different at the end of the story compared to the beginning?
13.If you knew someone from the future who knew all about your future, would you want them to tell you what they knew?
14.Both Rowan and Nina are very grief-stricken over their mother’s death. Nina doesn’t speak for a long time, and Rowan has a lot of anger and hostility inside him. Do you think Aunt Agatha and Gertrude had a plan for helping Rowan and Nina come to terms with their grief?
15.Was King Louis XVI a good king? Why were the people so angry? Were the people right to revolt against him? Why is it important that leaders be good learders?
16.What do you think about Marie Antoinette? Was she a good person?
17.Toward the end of the story the characters go into a time warp that sends them four years ahead of the time they originally traveled to. Why do you think the author did that?
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