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Heist Society
by Ally Carter
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1.At the beginning of Heist Society, Kat longs for a "normal" life; what does she hope the Colgan School will offer her? Do you believe she would have been happy there? Why or why not?
2.When Kat left for Colgan she not only left her life, but her family behind. How important was family to her? How is her crime family different of similar to other families you have read about?
3.When Kat asks Hale why he had her kicked out of the Colgan School, he responds by telling her, “You don’t belong in that place,” (p. 15). Why is he so opposed to her having this traditional school experience, and what can you infer about his actions?
4.Describe Kat. What are three things you find most (or least) appealing about her?
5.What role does Uncle Eddie play in the story? What does his home symbolize for Kat?
6.Describe Hale. Though he has great personal wealth, he is drawn to Kat’s life; what elements of her lifestyle intrigue him?
7.After the discovery that the Taccone job was masterminded by the Chelovek Pseduonima, Visily Romani, Uncle Eddie tells Kat, “Any job done in the name of Visily Romani will not be undone by children!” (p. 101). Why is he so adamant that Kat and her crew abandon the mission? Does Kat make the right choice in moving forward without his blessing?
8.How does learning from Mr. Stein about the historical significance of the missing art strengthen Kat’s conviction to complete the job? In your opinion, does she make the right decision?
9.Each Member of Kat’s crew helps complete the mission. If you were a member of a heist crew, what job would you like to have? Why?
10.Trusting each member of the heist society is crucial. Why does Hale struggle to have faith in Nick? What other factors might cause Hale to be critical of Nick?
11.Hale notes he is a bad guy, but Arturo Taccone is a bad guy. Do you believe that there is a scale of evil? Why or why not?
12.Ally Carter says each of the paintings they have to steal seems to represent the members of the crew (Kat is Girl Praying to Saint Nicholas). Do you agree? Degas: Dancer Waiting in the Wings Renoir: Two Boys Running Through a Field of Haystacks Vermeer: The Philosopher Rembrandt: Prodigal Son Leonardo da Vinci: Angel Returning to Heaven What artist or work of art best represents you?
13.Visily Romani could be any character from the book. Which character do think is Visily Romani or have we met them yet? Why?
14.The theft of paintings during WWII really did occur. Do you believe stealing them back is noble or a crime? Explain.
15.Considering Kat’s perspective, in what ways is Heist Society a story about things that have been lost? What does she find along the way?
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