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Pirates! The True and Remarkable Adventures of Minerva Sharpe and Nancy Kington, Female Pirates
by Celia Rees
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1.What was it like to be a girl in the 18th century? Why did Nancys fascination with adventure and travel make it so difficult for her to stay in her place?
2.What do you know about the West Indies in the 18th century? What do you know about the slave trade and its connections to sugar growing in the Indies? Why is this information important to the story and Nancy and Minervas decision to become pirates?
3.Describe Bartholome the Brazilian sea captain. What are some of the rumors about him, as the only captain of Nancys fathers fleet to survive the storm? How did he save Nancys family from debt, and why?
4.Describe Port Royal and Fountainhead, Nancys familys plantation in Jamaica. What was Nancys first brush with the ugliness of the slave trade there?
5.Who are Phillis and Minerva? How did they come to be at Fountainhead?
6.Describe the process of making sugar. Why was Nancy so shocked by the operation? How would you feel, in her place? Describe the brandwhy did it upset Nancy? What did it mean?
7.Who are the maroons? Why are they important to Nancy and Mineras story?
8.Describe Bartholomes home. What was beautiful about it? What was NOT so beautiful? What did Nancy learn about her future there?
9.How did Nancy and Minerva become outlaws and set off to join the maroons? Who was the letter addressed to Nancy, which her brother had hidden, from, and why did it make her angry?
10.What happened when the pirates came to the maroons village? Who was the pirate captain and how did Nancy know him? What did the pirates mean to the maroons? How is this image different from what you think of when you think about pirates?
11.Who did Nancy see unexpectedly at the tavern in Nassau? Why didnt he recognize her? What was he doing there? How was the crew of the Swift Return captured?
12.Where did Broom decide to take the Swift Return and her crew after the near disaster at Nassau? Why? What did he promise the crew?
13.What happened when the Swift Return encountered another pirate ship on the passage to Africa? What are the stories about Captain Low? How did Nancy become a prisoner? Who won the battle, and how?
14.What is the secret that Minerva reveals to Nancy after the battle with Lows pirates? Why is this so important to her?
15.Why did Broom decide to outfit the Fortune as a respectable merchant ship? Who were the additions to the crew? What role did Nancy and Minerva play? What was Brooms great plan? Did it work?
16.What effect did all the captured gold have on the crew? Why?
17.What happened aboard the Fortune when it crossed the line into the Southern Hemisphere? Where were Vincent and the crew of the Swift Return? How did the baptism get out of hand, and how was the trouble stopped?
18.What news does Tom Andrews bring to Keyhole Cove? Who is the captain of the ship that is hunting pirates, and which captain and crew is he searching for? Why? How does Nancy know about this?
19.Describe the rooms prepared for Nancy on Bartholomes ship. What was in them? What dress is she to wear? What did Bartholome plan to do with Nancy? Who thwarted his plan, and how?
20.What did Nancy decide to do after Minerva and Vincent's wedding? Where did she go, and why?
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