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Honus and Me: A Baseball Card Adventure
by Dan Gutman
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1.What do we know about Joe Stoshack at the beginning of the book? What did he look like and what was he like as a person? (Write on flip chart.)
2.What was he like as a grown-up in 1909? How has he changed by the end of the book?
3.In what ways are Joe and Honus alike and different from each other? (Write on flip chart.)
4.Did you think Joe should return the card to Amanda Young? Talk about Joe's dilemma.
5.Which parts of the book did you think were true and which parts were fantasy? Did the magic of the baseball cards and time travel make sense to you? (Talk a bit about the literary device "willing suspension of disbelief"--help explain to kids).
6.Did the black and white photos and drawings in the book make it seem more real? What "extras" that the author included in the book did you like the best?
7.What did you find out about life in 1909? About baseball in 1909? What did Honus find out about baseball now?
8.What did you think of Joe's mother and father? Who did you agree with most?
9.If Joe had sold the card for half a million dollars, how would it have changed his life?
10.What did you think when Honus' teammate tore up the twelve cards and when Amanda tore up her card?
11.Was the ending satisfying or how would you have changed it? (Could it have turned out any other way?)
12.What would you have done if you'd found a valuable baseball card, but you weren't sure whom it belonged to?
13.How did Honus help Joe? And how did Joe help Honus?
14.If you knew someone from the future who knew all about your future, would you want them to tell you what they knew?
15.Were there any questions left unanswered at the end?
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