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The Music of Dolphins
by Karen Hesse
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1.How did Mila's swim in the river affect what happened to her?
2.How did she react to being locked up? What was the turning point in her declaration of independence?
3.How was music important to Mila? How did it connect her to the dolphin world and the human world? What does the title of the book mean?
4.Were you surprised by the ending--do you think it had to turn out that way? Was everything Mila did while living with humans part of an effort to get back to her dolphin home?
5.Will Mila stay with the dolphins? Will she be satisfied? Will she be happy? Would you?
6.What do you think this quote means: "The dolphin, they live for today. But I am human. To be human is to live for tomorrow." (p. 173)
7.Why doesn't Shay progress the way Mila does? What do you think happened to Shay? If Shay had done better, do you think Mila would have been happier and stayed?
8.Describe the relationship between Dr. Beck and her son, Justin. Describe the relationship between Justin and Mila. Why is she "most happy" AND "most sad" when she's with him?
9.Mila tells about her life with the dolphins. Would you like such a life? What do you think Mila liked most about it?
10.Is the character of Mila believable? What are some of the characteristics that make Mila special?
11.Is the way the book is written, with italics, large and small print effective? Why or why not?
12.Are you satisfied or disappointed with the ending?
13.The scientists feel they have a right to capture Mila in the name of scientific study. Do you agree?
14.How is Mila different from the rest of us?
15.How is Shay similar to Mila? How is she different? Why is it that Shay cannot feel the music? How do each of the other characters interact with Mila?
16.What are Dr. Beck's motives in studying Mila and Shay?
17.Why does Mila begin to regress in her ability to speak?
18.What makes Mila want to return to the sea?
19.Was the experiment a success or a failure? Did Mila survive?
20.Is there something Dr. Beck and Sandy could have done that would have changed Mila's mind about staying?
21.Why does Mila have such a hard time being with humans?
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