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The Doll People
by Ann Martin
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1.For 100 years, Annabelle has been "cooped up in the dollhouse, with the same doll people, day after day, year after year." Even though you love your family, would you want to be stuck in the house with them for that long? Why or why not?
2.Why do you think Annabelle is so bored? What does she want to happen?
3.Explain the Doll Code of Honor. What is it? Could you follow it if you had to?
4.Annabelle Doll is 8 years old -- and has been for over 100 years. If you had to be one age forever, what age would you want to be? Why?
5.What is your first impression of the Funcrafts? Did it change at all as you read the book?
6.The Doll People is a book that has pictures mixed in with the story. Did you like having the pictures included? What did they tell you about the story that you didn't get from the words?
7.What do you predict for the future for the Doll People and the Funcrafts?
8.Do people ever figure out that the Dolls are real?
9.If you were a doll person, which family would you rather live with, the Doll family or the Funcraft family? Why?
10.Annabelle wondered what happened to Aunt Sarah. Would you have gone off exploring, too, if you were a doll?
11.Annabelle and Tiffany start a secret club called the Society for Exploration and the Location of Missing Persons, or SELMP. If you were forming your own club, what might you call it? What would your club do?
12.What do you suppose Captain the cat thinks about the Doll People? If the cat could talk, what do you suppose he would say to the Doll people?
13.If you were a Doll person, would you be afraid of Captain the cat? Why or why not?
14.If there had been a dog in the story instead of a cat, how might the story have been different?
15.Do you have now, or have you ever had, a dollhouse? If you said yes, tell us about your dollhouse.
16.Why do you think the Dolls never sleep?
17.Are you more like Tiffany or Annabelle? Why?
18.Have you ever thought any of your dolls were alive? What made you think that? And what do you think now?
19.If you were part of the Doll family, what would you want to do at night? Where would you go?
20.Nora's ranch animals and Tiffany Funcraft's kitty aren't alive like the other dolls. Why do you suppose the "rules" are different for other toys?
21.Show us your favorite illustration in the book. Why is it your favorite?
22.The very first pages of the book with the old doll catalog shows a piece missing where the aunt doll should be. Did you find the missing piece?
23.What do you think it feels like to go into Doll State?
24.At the beginning of the book, there was an old-fashioned ad for the Doll family and their dollhouse, and at the end of the book was a sheet for the Funcraft family. What did you think about these additions to the book?
25.What are some differences between their two houses and the way the two doll families live?
26.If you were a doll, would you want to be a living doll? Why or why not?
27.Which was your favorite doll? Why?
28.Do you ever wonder if any of your dolls have taken the oath for The Doll Code of Honor?
29.Why do you think that Barbie dolls don't take the oath for The Doll Code of Honor like other dolls?
30.Why doesn't Annabelle's family want to leave their dollhouse? What is it about the world outside their toy house that makes them scared?
31.Why do you think the Funcrafts are more adventurous than the Doll family?
32.Kate, the human whose room the Doll People live in, maybe doesn't play with them as much anymore as when she was younger. Her little sister Nora seems to play with the Funcraft family a lot. How do you think the Doll People might feel when each human child grows up and doesn't want to play with them until the next generation comes along?
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