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Emma Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree
by Lauren Tarshis
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1.What do you think will happen in the future with Vikram?
2.Emma-Jean has a distinct personality. Some kids call her "strange". When she and her mother look up "strange" in the dictionary, they find that the definition includes "extraordinary, remarkable, singular". Do these words fit Emma-Jean? What are some examples?
3.What does Emma-Jean's name mean to her? Why is telling the story important?
4.Would you like Emma-Jean as a friend?
5.Chapters from Colleen's point of view are different from Emma-Jean's. What did you learn from each? What did you like about Colleen?
6.How do Emma-Jean and Colleen change throughout the course of the story?
7.Do you think Laura is a bully? Is alpha chimp a good comparison to Laura? Why do so many people still want to be her friend?
8.Having a bully in your life is pretty serious - did you like Emma-Jean's sense of humor?
9.Do you know anyone at school who doesn't have friends? How are they treated? How do you treat them?
10.Other then the 3 girls, was there any character you were glad was in the story?
11.Emma-Jean's father has died 2 years before the story starts. How did Emma-Jean connect to her father before he died? How does she do so after his death?
12.Does moving on with life mean you have to forget about the person who died? Can you share an example of a memory of a person or animal that has died but reminds you of how special that relationship was?
13.Author Lauren Tarshis says on her website that father Eugene felt more alive by describing him as an emotional spirit than as a real character in Emma-Jean's everyday life. Did her writing and description successfully give you the same sense?
14.Lauren used famous mathematician Poincare to help define Emma-Jean's character. Do you agree that Poincare helped you understand Emma-Jean's character and changes?
15.Was it mean for Emma-Jean to trick Laura into cancelling out of the ski trip?
16.This book has an example of an adult (Mr Petrowski) unfairly treating a kid(Will Keeler). Does this happen often in your experience?
17.Lauren's favorite scene is when Emma-Jean discovers that Vikram and his mother have repaired her quilt, when she is sitting on her bed. What is your favorite scene?
18.Emma-Jean does fall out of Colleen's magnolia tree, but the book's title is also a metaphor. What do you think it means?
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