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The House of the Scorpion
by Nancy Farmer
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1.How did Matt change from the beginning of the story to the end? What do you think caused that change?
2.Why is Matts musical ability so important?
3.At one point Matt wondered if the eejits were aware of what was happening to them. Do you think they were? Why or why not?
4.The eejits have been programmed by a computer to do exactly as they're told and to be extremely productive. The Keepers train the Lost Boys to work hard and to avoid too much thinking. How were the eejits and the lost boys similar to and different from one another?
5.Do you think Maria will be able to forget that Matt is a clone? What you think their relationship will be like in the future?
6.Were you surprised that El Patron poisoned everyone on his estate? Why do you think he did it?
7.What do you think the scorpion symbolize?
8.Did you like Matt? Could you relate to him? Why or why not?
9.Why do you think Nancy Farmer included the Furball incident in the story?
10.The House of the Scorpion is divided into five parts: Youth, Middle Age, Old Age, Age 14, and La Vida Nueva. Why do you think Nancy Farmer choose these section titles? What do they mean to Matt?
11.Why are the Chupacabras and La Llorna part of the story?
12.Would you like to be cloned? What would you use a clone for?
13.Some book reviewers felt that the ending of the story was too quick and that all of the problems were solved too easily right at the end. Do you agree or disagree with that? why?
14.When Matt is leaving Opium, he cries for Celia and Tam Lin and El Patron. Why does Matt cry for El Patron?
15.The simple fact that Matt was a clone made a huge difference in the way he was treated. Why? Was this realistic? How do you think you might react if you found out someone you knew was a clone?
16.At the beginning of the story the decision was made not to blunt Matts intelligence. Was his life easier or more difficult because his intelligence was left intact?
17.Is a clone, created in a lab and born from a cow still a human, or something different?
18.How much of a persons personality is genetic and how much is environmental? Has being raised by Tam Lin and Celia made a difference in Matts life?
19.What parts of the story seemed most believable? Least believable?
20.Matt promised Marias mother that he would free the eejits. Do you think Matt will be able to do this? Why or why not?
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