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by Frank Cottrell Boyce
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1.Who is Vincenzo Perugia? Why haven’t you ever heard of him? Why was everyone fascinated by the place where the Mona Lisa used to be?
2.What kinds of things does Dylan’s dad fix? How does he fix them?
3.What is the petrol log? What is petrol?
4.Who is Daft Tom, and how did everyone know he was the one robbing the Snowdonia Oasis Auto Marvel?
5.What is Daft Tom obsessed with? What do you know about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
6.Who are the Misses Sellwood, and why is there very little business at the petrol station on Wednesdays?
7.How did Dylan become the very last boy in Manod?
8.What did Team Hughes try to keep the Snowdonia Oasis Auto Marvel open?
9.Three vehicles went up the mountain road after dark—what were they doing?
10.What did Dylan and Tom name the chickens? Why?
11.Why are the best bits between the lines?
12.Who is Mr. Lester, and what does he want with the Snowdonia Oasis Auto Marvel?
13.Why did Mr. Arthur the newspaper man want to interview Dylan for the paper?
14.Were there words in this book you didn’t know? What do you think they meant?
15.What is the Technodrome?
16.Why did the 23 vans go up the mountain? Why are the paintings in the mountain?
17.What was in the crates Mr. Lester brought up the mountain, and why did he want Dylan to see them? Why can’t he tell anyone about the paintings?
18.What is unusual about the Manchester Madonna? What is the paint made of?
19.What was Mr. Lester’s big misunderstanding? Why does he think Dylan is interested in art?
20.What happened to the Mini Cooper?
21.Why did Dylan’s dad leave?
22.How did Dylan and his sisters plan to make money to save the garage and bring their dad home? Did it work?
23.How did seeing the Melendez still life affect Tom? How did his fascination with still life change Manod?
24.How are paintings like mutagen?
25.What makes something a work of art? Are the paintings in boxes still works of art, if no one can see them? Why or why not?
26.Why is an umbrella like a party on a stick?
27.Why does Mr. Davis think the paintings in the quarry have something to do with King Arthur? Do paintings have power?
28.How did Dylan and his sisters accidentally steal the painting from the trunk of Lester’s car?
29.What is a diptych? Who is in the Wilton diptych, and how do we know who is whom?
30.How did Manod finally get a sign on the A496?
31.Why did Mr. Davis take a chainsaw to Elvis? How did Monet’s Bathers at La Grenouilliere inspire Mr. Davis and change Manod?
32.Where did Dylan find the missing Mini Cooper S (racing red)? Who put it there?
33.When Dylan looked at his dad’s departure from a new angle, what did he see and why did it upset him so much?
34.Why was calling Barry and Tone from the insurance company a huge mistake?
35.Who hatched the plan to steal a painting to save the garage? How did they plan to replace the original?
36.Was Mr. Lester disappointed when he found out that Dylan’s chickens were named after Turtles instead of Renaissance painters? Why or why not?
37.How did Minnie fool the guards the night of the art heist?
38.How did Lester know that Dylan, Minnie and Tom were responsible for the art heist, even before they had a chance to send a ransom note?
39.How did Dylan and Minnie lose Van Gogh’s Sunflowers? What did they discover about the Sellwoods’ painting?
40.What brought Dylan’s dad home in the end?
41.What is so special about Marie’s collage? What does it show?
42.Why did Dylan and his family start the Masterpiece Café? What’s on the menu?
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