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Ghost in the Tokaido Inn, The (Samurai Mystery #1)
by Dorothy Hoobler
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1.What do you know about samurai or about feudal Japan?
2.Why is the Tokaido Road so important?
3.Why can’t Seikei be a samurai, or a poet?
4.Who is Michiko?
5.What are the three qualities of a samurai?
6.What was stolen from Lord Hakuseki’s room? Who stole it?
7.What is a jikininki?
8.Where did the tunnel lead, and how did Judge Ooka know it would end there?
9.How did Seikei get his sword?
10.Why does everyone look at the tree that stands alone beside the shore?
11.Why did Seikei and Judge Ooka stop in Ise? Who did they follow to the town?
12.What is kabuki?
13.What is the story of the 47 Ronin?
14.Who is the actor Tomomi really, and why does he travel with the kabuki troupe?
15.What did Tomomi do with the ruby? Why did he want Judge Ooka to know about it?
16.Who is the komuso?
17.What is the magic of kabuki?
18.When Seikei saw the ghost in the inn, what was he really seeing?
19.What did Seikei find in Tomomi’s costume trunk?
20.Do you think Tomomi let Seikei beat him when they performed the sword fight to pay for their meal? Why or why not?
21.Where did Tomomi go once the kabuki troupe reached Edo? Why?
22.Who are the Kirishitans and how did they come to Japan? Why are they banned from Japan at the time this story takes place?
23.Describe the play that Tomomi wrote for the troupe to perform for the shogun.
24.What is the difference between Judge Ooka's garden and Lord Hakuseki's garden?
25.How did the kabuki troupe smuggle a real sword into Lord Hakuseki's yashiki?
26.What role did the ghost of the Tokaido inn play in the final act of Tomomi's play?
27.What happened to Lord Hakuseki? To Tomomi/Genji? Who was the true samurai?
28.Describe the tea ceremony.
29.How did Judge Ooka, with Seikei'shelp, solve the crime?
30.How did Seikei'shelp become a samurai?
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