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The Mystery of the Third Lucretia
by Susan Runholt
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1.Why might it be hard to start a story at the beginning and go all the way to the end? Where does Kari’s story start? Where does it end?
2.Who was Lucretia? Who was Rembrandt von Rijn? Why are they important to this story?
3.How did Lucas and Kari become friends?
4.Who is Gallery Guy, and what is he up to?
5.Does money buy happiness? Why or why not?
6.Who are the Gleesome Threesome?
7.What is special about Rembrandt’s paintings?
8.How did Kari and Lucas recognize Gallery Guy in the National Gallery in London? What was he doing there and why did they think it was suspicious?
9.Why did Kari decide she and Lucas needed disguises?
10.Name the places Kari and Lucas visited in London, Paris and Amsterdam.
11.Why was Gallery Guy painting pieces of different Rembrandt paintings?
12.Why is it impossible to make a perfect copy of a painting by working from a reproduction? Why is the original required?
13.How did Kari and Lucas finally get to see what Gallery Guy was painting? Do you think this was a smart move? Why or why not?
14.What happened to Bert?
15.Why did the man in the Jaguar try to run over Lucas? Who was he?
16.Why couldn’t Kari talk to her mom or Lucas about the Jaguar incident?
17.Why are Kari and Lucas so sure that Gallery Guy is trying to perpetrate a major art crime? What is a forgery?
18.What happened at the Art Institute around the same time that Gallery Guy was there? How did it connect to what happened to Bert in London?
19.Where did the Third Lucretia appear? Who verified that it was real? How did Lucas and Kari know that it wasn’t?
20.Who is Jacob Hannekroot?
21.How did Lucas and Kari convince Kari’s mom to go to Amsterdam?
22.What mistake did Kari make before they even entered the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam?
23.What is an important sign of a true masterpiece? How should it affect the viewer?
24.Who was the guy who looked like Sting?
25.How was the Third Lucretia different from other Rembrandt paintings? Why were the differences part of the reason Jacob Hannekroot verified it as a real Rembrandt?
26.Why didn’t Kari like having her mom involved in the mystery?
27.What is the Quarter? Why were Kari and Lucas not supposed to go there?
28.How did Kari’s plan to spy on Marianne fail? Which details did they forget when they made the plan?
29.Where did Kari and Lucas end up when the followed Jacob from the museum?
30.Why did Lucas and Kari go back to Jacob’s apartment in the Quarter? What did they find there?
31.Who are Sister Anneke and Sister Katje?
32.What happened to Lucas and Kari’s mom while Kari was finishing the article about the Third Lucretia? How did Kari attempt to rescue them? How did they escape?
33.How was the Third Lucretia finally revealed as a fake?
34.What is the Lucretia Project?
35.How did Kari and Lucas’ major art adventure change their lives?
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