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Highway Cats
by Janet Taylor Lisle
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1.Why do you think the dialog between human characters in this book is written as if people were in a play?
2.If the cat characters in this book were real, would you want to adopt any of them as pets? Which one and why?
3.Why do you think the author of this book didn’t name the 3 kittens?
4.How have the highway cats adapted to their environment? What do you think would happen if any of the cats were adopted as pets?
5.The kittens have a mysterious power that gives the stray cats hope and saves their home. How do you think the kittens got their power?
6.Where do you think the kittens came from before they were left on the highway?
7.Mayor Blunt is up for re-election and decides to have a freeway ramp built through the woods where the highway cats live. If you were running for mayor, what would you do to get people to vote for you?
8.If you were a citizen of Potterberg, would you vote for Mayor Blunt? Why or why not?
9.Describe Khalia Koo. What does she look like? Do you like her?
10.Do you think Shredder and Murray the Claw are doing the right thing when they play “Who’s Your Man?” as the kittens try to cross the busy highway?
11.At Khalia Koo’s rat farm, the cat workers started grooming more and behaving better and they stopped fighting with each other when the kittens were around. Why do you think they did that?
12.Most stories have a bad guy or a villain which the good guys have to overcome. Was there a “bad guy” in this story?
13.Shredder admits that he pretends to be tougher than he is because of the hardships that he has endured in life. Do you think that people can sometimes act mean and tough, but on the inside they feel very sad and lonely?
14.The highway cats work together to save their woods from destruction. Can you think of a time when you had to work as part of a team to accomplish something you could not do on your own?
15.At the end of the story, Mayor Blunt is thinking about building a sports arena in place of a swampy piece of land where only some wild ducks and a few stray cats live. Do you think the kittens will end up there, too? What do you think might happen if there was a sequel to this book?
16.The book doesn’t tell us what Khalia Koo and Shredder do after the kittens have left in the truck. What do you think they do?
17.What are some examples of kindness the highway cats showed to the kittens? To each other?
18.Do you think that, in the end, Murray the Claw liked the kittens?
19.What did you think of the scene where all the cats wear trash and pretend to be ghosts of the graveyard? Would you have been scared if you saw that?
20.Have you ever left food out for stray cats or other wild animals that you cared about?
21.In the story, nature wins despite people’s attempts to destroy it. In the real world, do you think nature will continue to survive despite things like road construction, oil spills, and pollution?
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