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Sorcery and Cecelia or, the Enchanted Chocolate Pot
by Patricia C. Wrede
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1.What is the Letter Game? How do you play? Could you tell that the book was written by two different authors?
2.What is distinctive about Kate? What is Cecy’s special talent?
3.Who is the Mysterious Marquis and why doesn’t he ever visit Waycross? Who is Sir Hilary?
4.Who did Kate meet by accident at the Wizards’ College investiture? Who was supposed to be caught by the tea party trap? Why? Who set the trap?
5.What did Mary the maid find under Oliver’s mattress, and why was it such an interesting find?
6.How did Thomas Schofield rescue Kate in Vauxhall Woods? Who set the trap there?
7.Why did James Tarleton pretend to be in love with Dorothea after Miranda arrived?
8.What is the significance of the peacock?
9.Why did Thomas make Kate an offer (of marriage)? How would a fake engagement benefit them both?
10.What did Miranda and Sir Hilary steal from Thomas, and why does he need it back so badly?
11.What is Cecelia’s plan to thwart Miranda and Sir Hilary? Does it work?
12.Who is Mr. Wrexton, and why does he make Aunt Elizabeth uncomfortable?
13.Why did Thomas ask Kate to break off their fake engagement? Why wouldn’t Kate do it?
14.How are James Tarleton and Thomas Schofield connected, and how did Cecy find out about it?
15.What is the importance of the chocolate pot?
16.Why do you think Sir Hilary used Thomas’s chocolate pot to serve chocolate when Kate came to tea at Bedrick Hall?
17.What was in the chocolate pot when Miranda caught Kate in her trap instead of Thomas at the beginning of the story? Whose garden set the scene for the trap, and why did Thomas know to avoid it?
18.What happened to Thomas’s older brother, Edward?
19.How did Cecy get ahold of Epicyclical Elaborations of Sorcery, and what did she learn?
20.What did Kate find in the bottom of Georgy’s jewelry case? What happened to her eardrops? Why was this discovery so upsetting to Kate?
21.Why is Aunt Elizabeth so violently against the use of magic?
22.Why do you think James was so concerned about Cecy attending Sir Hilary’s party?
23.Describe the King’s chess set.
24.What were Sir Hilary’s plans for James and Cecy? Why did he need Oliver? How did they escape their fate?
25.Did everyone live happily ever after? What do you think they will do next?
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