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Companions of the Night
by Vivian Vande Velde
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1.This is another vampire story – one among many. Did the beginning catch you—draw you in? How did the author do that?
2.Why are there so many vampire stories? What is it about vampire stories that appeal to us?
3.Was Companions of the Night different from other vampire stories you have read? How?
4.Were you afraid for Kerry? Did you ever stop worrying about Kerry’s safety? Was there a point where you trusted Ethan—where you thought he wouldn’t harm Kerry? When was it? (198-199 “She’s not a vampire!)
5.When did you suspect that Ethan was really a vampire? Did you think Ethan was Good or Evil? Did that change throughout the story? Why?
6.When did you suspect that Ethan was really a vampire? Did you think Ethan was Good or Evil? Did that change throughout the story? Why?
7.Did you wonder why there was a picture of Regina and vampire hunter Marsalas’s son Joe together in Marsala’s living room? Did you think Regina might be Marsals’s wife?
8.Did Kerry do the right thing to protect Ethan? At the beginning? At the end? Kerry realized that anyone he killed after they were safe would be her fault -- how could she justify not helping Marsala kill him, and then, save him from the light? (p.204)
9.Kerry thought about choices – and how she wasn’t responsible for anyone else’s choices, only her own (p. 205-206). This was how she freed herself from guilt about her mother’s leaving her family. Does this statement mean anything to you? How easy is it to feel guilty about something? How hard is it to extricate oneself from feelings of guilt?
10.Ethan lied to Kerry about her father and brother being held by Marsala. He used Kerry to get her to help him catch Marsala. Yet Kerry forgave/overlooked this when she saved him from Marsala and the light. How could she get past that? (p. 207)
11.What did you think of Kerry’s dream, where she was dying after a car accident, and Ethan made her a vampire? She thought Ethan gave her that dream, but when she asked him about it, he denied it. Yet she wasn’t sure if he was lying. Why did she ask? Did you believe him? (p. 208)
12.Were you shocked when Kerry said she loved him? She was afraid he might kill her, or make her a vampire in the end, but she loved him. Why? Did you see it coming? (p.210)
13.In the story, were you surprised that a vampire could change himself back to human? We never found out how it could work. Why would Ethan want to stay a vampire? What is the allure?
14.Do you think Ethan ever came back into Kerry’s life and changed to human?
15.Did you like how the story ended? How do you think it should have ended?
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