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How to Train Your Dragon
by Cressida Cowell
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1.Were dragons ever real? How do you know?
2.What do Hiccup and the other boys have to do in order to become full members of the Tribe of Hairy Hooligans?
3.Why does Hiccup know more about dragons than anyone else?
4.How do you catch your first dragon if you’re a Viking like Hiccup?
5.Why do you think Gobber decided that Hiccup would be in charge of the dragon-catching expedition?
6.How many parts are there to the Dragon Initiation Test?
7.How did Hiccup get his dragon? What was extraordinary about it?
8.What is Fate?
9.How did Toothless get his name?
10.Why did Hiccup have to challenge Snotlout for the Monstrous Nightmare?
11.Who wrote the “original” How to Train Your Dragon, and where did Gobber steal it from?
12.What is Professor Yobbish’s first and last rule of dragon training? Why might this method not work so well?
13.Who is Old Wrinkly?
14.Why is dragon-watching considered nerdy or geeky on Berk? How does Hiccup’s geeky hobby come in handy?
15.Why should one learn to speak Dragonese in order to properly train their dragon?
16.What simple commands are each of the boys expected to teach their dragons before the D.I.T.?
17.What do dragons eat?
18.What color are Toothless’s eyes?
19.What is the name of Hiccup’s cat?
20.Why did Hiccup have so much trouble training Toothless?
21.Which of Hiccup’s possible training methods worked? Why?
22.Is Toothless really a special kind of dragon called a Toothless Daydream?
23.What did Fishlegs name his dragon? Why?
24.Who are the Hairy Hooligans and the Meatheads?
25.How did Toothless start a dragon fight at the initiation test on Thor’s-day Thursday?
26.Why were all 20 of the boys exiled from Berk?
27.How did the sea dragons come to Berk?
28.How did the Vikings attempt to get rid of the big green sea dragon? Why didn’t it work?
29.How did Hiccup get un-banished?
30.Where had the Green Death heard Hiccup’s name before?
31.What did the Green Death call Hiccup? Why?
32.What was Hiccup’s Fiendishly Clever Plan to get rid of the Green Death and the Purple Death? Did it work?
33.Why did Fireworm and the other dragons decide to desert the Vikings?
34.Describe the inside of the Green Death’s mouth. How did Hiccup escape?
35.What do you think made Toothless go after Hiccup when the Green Death ate him?
36.What happened to the Green Death?
37.How can you tell when a sea dragon is dead?
38.What happened to Toothless? How did he survive his hero’s funeral?
39.How did Hiccup become Hiccup the Useful?
40.How is the book different from the movie? Which did you like better, and why?
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