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Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
by Grace Lin
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1.Who is Minli? What does her name mean? What kept her from turning brown and dull like the rest of her village?
2.What is the story of Fruitless Mountain and Jade Dragon?
3.What did Minli buy with one of the coins she was given on the day she was born? Why did everyone think she was foolish?
4.Can a goldfish bring fortune to your home? Why or why not?
5.Who is the Old Man of the Moon? What are his duties? What is the red thread for?
6.Why did Minli put her goldfish in the river? What did it tell her in return for its freedom?
7.What did Minli pack to take on her journey? What shape does her list of items take? Why do you think the author did this?
8.How can something be impossible but not ridiculous?
9.Who did Minli find trapped in the salty stream? How did she help him?
10.Why did the monkeys tie up the dragon?
11.Where did the dragon come from? Where did Painter Chen get his ink stone, and why didn’t he paint the dragons eyes? What happened when the Magistrate added eyes?
12.What power do stories have?
13.How did the Goldfish Man change his fate? What advice did he give to Ma and Ba?
14.How did Minli trick the monkeys?
15.How is Minli like the paper of happiness? Why do you think neither of them are meant to be found?
16.What is the Dragon Gate?
17.Why is the City of Bright Moonlight split in two?
18.Who is the buffalo boy’s friend?
19.What did Minli buy with her second coin? What did the beggar do with the peach pit? Who was he, really?
20.What is the borrowed line, and how did it come to the King of the City of Bright Moonlight?
21.What does “you only lose what you cling to” mean?
22.Who is Xiao Mao?
23.How did Dragon also find the borrowed line? Which one is the right one?
24.What do you think the one word written on the Paper of Happiness was? Why?
25.How did the brother and sister trick the Green Tiger?
26.Where did the flowering trees on the mountain come from? Why did tea brewed from their leaves cure the Green Tiger’s poison?
27.How did Dragon Well Tea get its name? Did you know this is real tea?
28.How are all the stories within this story connected?
29.How did Minli use the two borrowed lines to send a message to the Old Man of the Moon?
30.How did Minli climb Never-Ending Mountain? Why couldn’t Dragon go with her?
31.What is the Dragon’s Pearl?
32.Why was Wu Kang never satisfied?
33.Who is the Buffalo Boy’s friend, and how did Minli figure it out?
34.How did Minli decide which question to ask of the Old Man of the Moon, when she found out she could only ask one? What was the single word of the borrowed line?
35.How did Minli’s journey change Ma and Ba as well as Minli and Dragon?
36.How did Dragon finally get to fly?
37.What is Fortune, and how did Minli realize that she didn’t need to change hers?
38.Why did Dragon feel as if he’d come home when they reached Fruitless Mountain?
39.How were all of Minli’s questions answered, even though she never asked the Old Man of the Moon her own question? How did her village change after her journey?
40.Where did the orange dragon come from?
41.How did Minli and Dragon change each other’s fortunes?
42.Describe Ma and Ba at the beginning of the book, and at the end of the book. How have they changed? How has Minli changed?
43.Do you think it was Ma's discontent that sent Minli on her journey? Why or why not?
44.Why do you think Grace Lin alternates the viewpoint in each chapter? How does this help make connections or add suspense?
45.What kinds of things does Minli learn on her journey? Which do you think is most important?
46.Did you notice several different types of stories? What was your favorite of the 18 stories? Did you find two more at the end that weren't given titles?
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