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How to Steal a Dog
by Barbara O'Connor
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1.If Georgina had her own dog do you think she would be a good dog owner? Why or why not?
2.If you found someone's dog would you expect a reward? Would you accept one?
3.If you were Carmella would you have forgiven Georgina so easily for taking Willy?
4.At the end of the story, things get better for Georgina. Her family is living in a house again, Willie is back home with his owner, and Carmella forgives Georgina for stealing her dog. Finally, Georgina determines that stealing a dog is not a good idea. Do you think Georgina learned a lesson from her experience? If so, what is the lesson that she learned?
5.What do you think will happen next to Georgina and her family?
6.Define homelessness. Is Georgina's homelessness similar to or different from what you thought homelessness was? How is it similar/different?
7.Georgina knows that stealing the dog is wrong, but she does it anyway. Have you ever done something that you knew was wrong because you felt you had no other choice? How did you feel after doing it?
8.Why do you think Georgina doesn't tell her teacher or her best friend, Luanne, about her situation?
9.How does Luanne react to Georgina and her changed appearance and personality? If you were Luanne and knew there was something wrong with your friend, what do you think you would do?
10.What role does Mookie play in the story? Compare and contrast Mookie's homelessness with Georgina's situation.
11.What is the meaning of Mookie's motto: "Sometimes the trail you leave behind you is more important than the path ahead of you."
12.Mookie says to Georgina, "Sometimes, the more you stir it, the worse it stinks" (p. 134). What do you think this means?
13.Why doesn't Mookie take Willy home? Do you think he should have?
14.Why does Georgina look forward to going to school even though she's not doing well there?
15.What are some things dogs need so that they are healthy and happy? How does that compare to what children need?
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