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Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little
by Peggy Gifford
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1.Do you have “big plans” like Moxy? What are some of your big plans?
2.Where has Stuart Little spent the summer? Why hadn’t Moxy read it before the last day of summer?
3.What did you think about the pictures that Moxy’s brother Mark took throughout the book?
4.How are Moxy and her twin brother Mark different? How are they alike?
5.What is “just in case of in-between,” according to Moxy?
6.What are “consequences”? Have you ever done (or not done) something that had consequences?
7.What stopped Moxy from reading Stuart Little while her mother ran errands?
8.Who is Sam, and why does Moxy consider him to be her best friend? Who is your best friend, and why are they your best friend?
9.What were the obstacles that Moxy had run into when she tried to train her dog, Mudd, to be a show dog?
10.What was Moxy’s amazing idea? Did it help her to read Stuart Little?
11.Who is Ajax? Who is Pansy?
12.What does “extreme” mean, and why did a single word stop Moxy from turning off her cell phone?
13.What were the consequences that Moxy’s mom listed in her note on the refrigerator?
14.What was Moxy’s fabulous, stupendous, near-genius idea? Why did she think planting a peach orchard would help her read Stuart Little?
15.Why does Moxy use words like “please” and “thank you”?
16.Why do you think Moxy preferred cleaning her room to reading a book on August 23rd? Do you think she would have felt this way about a book she had chosen to read herself? Why or why not?
17.How did Moxy plan to stop hunger in Africa AND global warming?
18.How scared was Moxy when she realized that her mother was home and she hadn’t even started reading Stuart Little?
19.What happened to Moxy’s mother’s prize dahlia garden?
20.How did the dahlias end up falling from the sky? What is a dahlia?
21.How did Moxy end up in the mud?
22.Was Moxy’s mother impressed by her Peach Orchard Plan? Why or why not?
23.What does it mean to “have character”?
24.Whose fault were the drowned dahlias? Why did Moxy’s mother look so funny when Moxy forgave her for not teaching Mudd to come?
25.Why did Moxy’s mother allow her to perform in the Goodbye to Summer Splash! daisy routine? What were the consequences of her Peach Orchard Plan?
26.Describe the Great Daisy Routine. Do you think you could have done this? Why or why not?
27.How did Moxy finally meet Stuart Little? What did she think to herself? Do you think you would like to read about Stuart Little? Why or why not?
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