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by Scott Westerfeld
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1.What does it mean to be "icy"? How do the Cutters stay icy? What happens to a person when they become Special?
2.Why didn't Special Circumstances want the Pretties to get ahold of the nano-pills the Smokies were smuggling into the city? Who is David? Why is it catching him so important to the Cutters?
3.Who is Zane? Why didn't he become a Special like Tally and Shay?
4.After seeing Zane, Tally wonders if part of becoming Special includes special lesions that make everyone else seem "pathetic." Do you think she is right? Why or why not?
5.What was Shay's plan to help Zane escape? Why did it have to look like he planned the whole thing himself?
6.What did Tally and Shay discover in the Armory that Special Circumstances didn't want anyone to know about? What went wrong during their infiltration?
7.Why do you think Zane keeps challenging Tally to "rewire" herself, to think herself out of being a Special? Why is it so important to him?
8.Who met up with Zane and the Crims after they escaped from New Pretty Town? How does he know Tally? How is he involved with the New Smoke?
9.Why do you think being out in the wild makes Tally feel different?
10.What do you think it means to be beautiful? Why is it so important in Tally's world? Do you think it's important in our society? Why or why not? If you could change anything about your appearance, what would it be? Why?
11.Why do you think an entire city would join the Smokies? How is Diego different from Tally's city?
12.What happened to Fausto and Shay and the other Cutters? Why do you think Tally reacted so badly to the idea of being "de-Specialized"?
13.Why did Dr. Cable and Special Circumstances go to war with Diego? What role did the Cutters play in starting the war? How did they help to stop it?
14.What happened to Zane? Why couldn't the doctors save him? How did Zane's death change Tally?
15.Why did Tally go back to face Dr. Cable on her own? What would you have done in her place?
16.Who met Tally in the Rusty Ruins? Why? What role did Tally play in Maddy's cure for being Pretty, and why was this revelation so important?
17.Why didn't Dr. Cable want the City Council to hear Tally's confession?
18.How did Tally use the cure David gave her to stop the war? How did the Special cure change Dr. Cable? How did Maddy's cure for Pretty-ness change Tally's city?
19.Who rescued Tally from despecialization? Why do you think Dr. Cable helped Tally?
20.What did Tally decide to do, once the war was over and she was free? What would you have done in her place?
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