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by Andrew Clements
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1.Before reading this book, had you ever thought about how words are created? What did you find interesting about the process of creating a word?
2.What kind of word would you make if you could invent one? What would it mean? How would you go about making people use it?
3.Is it believable that the word "frindle" became so well known? Why or why not?
4.Would you like all the fame that came with the new word? If you were in Nick's shoes, how would you avoid the attention, or would you soak it up?
5.The frindle is just one of Nick's great ideas. What other ideas did Nick have that you liked?
6.The author wrote that "School was the perfect place to launch a new word." Why? What makes schools such good places for fads?
7.Have you ever made up a word or started a fad? What was it?
8."Every good story needs a bad guy," Mrs. Granger writes to Nick. Do you agree? And was Mrs. Granger really a "bad guy"? Why or why not?
9.Do you think Mrs. Granger was given a bad name from the publicity of the new word, or was she truly a mean and a grumpy teacher?
10.The book Frindle has won more than 20 awards! Why do you think this book is so popular?
11.When Nick turned 21 years old, he found out his new word made him very rich. What do you think he might have done with the money if he could have spent it earlier? And what would you do if you suddenly had a lot of money of your own?
12.What do you think about Bud Lawrence, the local businessman who made money off the success of frindle? Do you think Nick should have gotten more of the money Bud made? Why or why not?
13.Did you like the pictures in the book? Why or why not? For example, did they add anything to the story? Or did they change how you thought about the characters or the story?
14.Have you had a teacher like Mrs. Granger? Maybe one that seemed tough, but really wasn't? Tell us about her -- or him.
15.Nick and his friends had names for Mrs. Granger (that, of course, they didn't say to her face), such as "The Lone Granger" and "Dangerous Grangerous." Do you have any nicknames for your teacher? If so, what are they?
16.Do you have a Homework First rule at your house like Nick's family? Do you think it is a good rule -- or not? Why?
17.Before you had read what really was inside, what did you think might have been in the envelope Mrs. Granger had Nick signthe one he didn't get to open until many years later?
18.Who do you think sent the photo to the newspaper? Why do you think it was that person, and why do you think that person sent it?
19.Did you go to a dictionary and look up the word frindle after you read the end of the story? If so, what did you find?
20.Do you think Mrs. Granger was right to try to get her students to use the dictionary? Why or why not?
21.In the letter at the end of the book, Mrs. Granger wrote: "Words are still needed by everyone. Words are used to think with, to write with, to dream with, to hope and pray with." Will you think differently about words now that you have read this book? How? Why?
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