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Fat Cat
by Robin Brande
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1.Describe Cat, but not physically (smart, loyal, great cook, creative, etc.)
2.Describe Amanda.
3.Did you identify with either of them? In what ways (other than physical!)?
4.Cat, from the beginning, struggles with her body image and weight. Dieting hasn't worked, until she makes a serious lifestyle change for a school project. Have you ever experienced similar feelings to Cat's? What changes have you tried or thought about trying? Are there lifestyle changes you could make that are healthier than dwelling on a number on the scale?
5.Cat's lifestyle changes begin to have a dramatic impact on her, especially how boys treat her. How does she handle the attention? How could she have dealt with the situation(s) differently? Were either Greg or Nick really interested in her as a person?
6.What did you think about Mr. Fizer's assignment?
7.What might you have done with the photo that Cat picked?
8.How do you think your parents would have responded to this research project?
9.How did Cat's relationship with her brother Peter change?
10.What did you think were some of the possible reasons why Cat was so angry with Matt?
11.Do you think her reaction to Matt was reasonable? What do you think of their relationship/friendship? Was Cat being too harsh on Matt, or do you think she was justified in her anger? How would you have felt if you were in Cat's shoes?
12.Why do you think she let her anger drag on so long?
13.Do you think words can truly be hurtful? Why/why not? ("Sticks and stones...")
14.Have you had a similar fight with a friend that went on for a long time? Did you resolve it? How?
15.Were you happy with the way things were resolved? If you could change the ending, what would you change?
16.After reading this book, are you convinced that being a vegetarian is a good idea? Why or why not?
17.Did Cat's experiences make you think about changing your own lifestyle and habits? In what ways?
18.Who was your favorite character? Why?
19.Were the story and characters believable?
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