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The Angel Experiment
by James Patterson
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1.Did you like Max’s voice and the way she told the story directly to the reader? Why or why not?
2.What are Erasers?
3.What special talents do Max and her family have? If you could have a special talent like theirs, what would you choose?
4.What is the School? Why are Max and her family so afraid to go back? How is their perception of the word “school” different from yours?
5.Why do you think the people at the lab could only see Angel as an experiment?
6.What did Fang and Nudge discover on the cliff above Lake Mead? What did they learn from the ferruginous hawks?
7.Why do you think Ella’s mom (Dr. Martinez) took Max’s wings in stride so well? Why was it so hard for Max to trust them?
8.Why is Max the flock leader?
9.Why do you think Nudge wanted to find her parents so badly?
10.What is Max’s purpose, the reason she was created? How would YOU deal with that kind of destiny?
11.Why do you think the flock decided to go east, to New York? What did they find there? How did Angel know about it?
12.Why didn’t Iggy like New York City? Why do the rest of the flock LIKE it?
13.How did Max discover the Voice? What, or who, do you think it is?
14.How did Angel discover a new, and very dangerous, talent in the toy store?
15.Do you trust Angel? Why or why not?
16.Where did the flock finally find the Institute of Higher Living? What did they discover inside?
17.How did Max and the flock find a new way to disguise themselves after the pictures of them flying in the restaurant went public?
18.Why did the flock keep looking for the Institute, rather than just finding a safe place to hide away?
19.What did Gazzy discover while Max was printing files? What happened to the other mutant kids?
20.Do you think it’s more important to be right or to do the right thing? Discuss.
21.Why does Ari hate Max so much? What happened to him?
22.Why did the flock decide to go to Washington, DC? What did they learn in the files?
23.Did you read the graphic novel or the regular novel? Why did you choose the one you did? If you read the graphic version, what did you think about it?
24.How are the stories in the novel and the graphic novel different? The same?
25.If you could make a novel into a graphic novel, which one would you choose, and why?
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