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Moving Day
by Meg Cabot
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1.Why did Allie's parents decide it was time for them to move? Where are they moving?
2.Do you think it is harder to be an only child or to have siblings? Why?
3.Describe Allie's new house. Why did she think it was haunted?
4.What does Allie want to be when she grows up? What do you want to be?
5.What did Mark and Kevin like about their new house? What did Allie dislike about it?
6.Who lives next door to Allie's new (old) house? Why did Allie start to think that moving might not be so bad after all?
7.Why did Erica's brother, John, tell Allie not to go in the attic?
8.Why do you think all the kids in Allie's class started to treat her differently after they found out she was moving away?
9.What does it mean to be a "bat thrower"?
10.Would you have wanted to be in Mrs. Danielson's class or Mrs. Hunter's class, and why?
11.What was hidden in the bushes at Pine Heights Elementary? Who did Allie meet there?
12.Why are first impressions so important?
13.Do you have a big imagination? What did Allie and her new friends do with their big imaginations?
14.Why does Allie think friendship is so complicated? Do you agree with her? Why or why not?
15.How do you play "Lady Business Executive"? Why didn't Allie like the game?
16.How did Brittany find out about Allie's book of rules? How do you think it feels when someone you've trusted with a secret doesn't keep it?
17.Why did Allie steal the turtle from the Lung Chung Chinese Restaurant?
18.Why do you think that if you pretend to feel a certain way about something, sometimes you actually end up feeling that way for real?
19.How did Allie end up in the principal's office on her last day of school? What is going to be her final memory of Walnut Knolls Elementary?
20.Why was everyone being so nice to Allie on her last day at her old school? How did she get into the local paper?
21.Describe Allie, Mark, and Kevin's rooms in the new house. How would you decorate your room if you could do anything you wanted to it?
22.What was actually in the attic of Allie's new house?
23.How did Allie finally get her kitten after all?
24.What are Allie Finkle's Rules? Which ones do you think are most important and why?
25.Why does Allie like rules? Do you like rules? Why or why not?
26.Allie has a geode collection. Do you collect things? If so, what do you collect?
27.One of the themes of this book is friendship. In your opinion, does the friendship between Allie and the other characters seem realistic? Why or why not?
28.Allie's best friend, Mary Kay, is angry with Allie for breaking a promise to her. How would you react if this happened to you?
29.Why does Allie try so hard to prevent her family from moving to the new house?
30.Have you ever had to move to a new house? Did you like moving?
31.Allie is nervous about being the new kid at school. She is worried that she won't like her new teacher or that her classmates might not like her. Have you ever felt this way?
32.Have you read other books by Meg Cabot? How do they compare with Allie Finkle books?
33.If Allie Finkle was a real person, do you think you'd be friends with her? Why or why not?
34.There are two other books in the Allie Finkle series. Do you think you will read them? Why or why not?
35.Allie's parents say they will give her a kitten as a reward for moving to the new house. If you were in Allie's place, what would you want as a reward?
36.Allie told Mrs. Hauser about how Brittany put Lady Serena Archibald in a suitcase, even though Brittany told her not to tell. Was Allie right to tell or should she not have told?
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