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Maze of Bones, The (39 Clues, book 1)
by Rick Riordan
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1.Why do you think Grace changed her will right before she died?
2.Do you collect anything, like Dan? What do you collect, and why?
3.What choice did Grace, via her will, offer each of the Cahills? Would you have taken the money or the clue, and why?
4.Why did Amy and Dan decide to join the search for the 39 clues? Who else gave up the million dollars to search?
5.Name the four branches of the Cahill family. Which branch do you think you would belong to, and why?
6.Who are the Madrigals?
7.Why did Alistair Oh suggest an alliance between their teams? Would you have trusted him, in Dan and Amy’s place? Why or why not?
8.What is an Egyptian Mau? What does it look like?
9.What was the significance of the map covered in different-colored pins on the wall in the library?
10.Who is Nellie Gomez, and why is she the perfect adult to chaperone Dan and Amy?
11.What did Amy and Dan pack to take on their trip? If you were going to travel to unknown places for an unspecified amount of time, and if you might not ever come back, what would you take with you, and why?
12.What talents do Dan and Amy have that will help them in the search for the 39 clues? What talents or skills do you have, which might be helpful in a similar situation?
13.How did Dan and Amy find Franklin’s clue? What did it say? Which branch of the Cahill family did Franklin belong to?
14.How did Dan and Amy talk Nellie into taking them to Paris, rather than turning them over to Boston social services?
15.Who is Jonah Wizard, and why did he want to form an alliance with Amy and Dan?
16.What characteristic do Lucians share?
17.Why do you think all the other Cahills are out to get Amy and Dan?
18.What is the Maze of Bones? Why is the year the Catacombs were started, 1785, important?
19.How did Amy and Dan find the “coordinates in a box”?
20.How did Dan, Amy and Nellie escape from the Catacombs? What did Dan lose in the process, and why do you think it upset him so much?
21.What did Amy and Dan find when they dug up the “grave” marked with the Lucian crest at St. Pierre?
22.What does “inert” mean? Why is this word important?
23.How did Ian Kabra trick Amy into giving him the vial? What would you have done, in her place?
24.What is the first part of the puzzle in the 39 clues, and how did Amy find it? How do you know if you have found an actual clue or just a hint to a clue?
25.Who is W.A.M.? What is KV 617? Where is the next clue?
26.As far as you know, are you related to anyone famous? What famous person would you like to be related to and why?
27.This book and series take palce in various cities of the world. What's the most interesting city you've visited? What city would you most like to visit in the future?
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