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Fall of the Amazing Zalindas, The (Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars)
by Mack Tracy
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1.What do you know about Victorian England?
2.What do you know about Sherlock Holmes? Who wrote about Sherlock Holmes, and how many stories are there about him?
3.Who are the Baker Street Irregulars?
4.Who are the Amazing Zalindas? What is the name of the circus they travel with? Have you ever been to the circus?
5.What does “Arrogance is its own curse” mean?
6.Who visited Sherlock Holmes? How did Ozzie know who it was, and what did it mean for the Baker Street Irregulars?
7.Describe the Castle.
8.How is Ozzie different from the other boys?
9.What is “A Study in Scarlet”? Why is Ozzie reading it to the other boys?
10.Why don’t the Baker Street Irregulars like Dr. Watson?
11.What does Sherlock Holmes notice about the boys? Do you pay close attention to details? Why or why not?
12.What did the Baker Street Irregulars learn about the Amazing Zalindas from the other circus performers?
13.Who are Angelina and Balina?
14.Who is Indigo Jones?
15.Who was watching Ozzie? Why?
16.What is the murder weapon, and how did Wiggins find it? How did Sherlock Holmes know the rope had been cut?
17.What did Madam Estrella see in Ozzie’s future? What clues did she and Pilar give him about the Zalindas’ death?
18.Who is Pilar and why are the Irregulars reluctant to let her help with the investigation?
19.What did Ozzie, Wiggins and Pilar learn from Karlov? What did the other boys learn from the clowns?
20.Who is Orlando Vile and what does he have to do with the fall of the Amazing Zalindas?
21.What did the Baker Street Irregulars learn from Pilar’s reading?
22.How did Ozzie impress Sherlock Holmes?
23.What is The Stuart Chronicle, and how does it relate to the case of the Zalindas?
24.What was the only clue Sherlock Holmes found to explain how the Stuart Chronicle disappeared?
25.How did Ozzie learn to copy documents? What is the real business of the Oxford Scriveners?
26.How did Pilar find the Castle? Why does she want to help with the investigation?
27.Who met the boys and Pilar at the docks? What was their task for the evening?
28.What is the key to surveillance?
29.Who orchestrated the theft of the Stuart Chronicle? Why did Sherlock Holmes know it was Moriarty, even though he’d never met him?
30.What roles did Sherlock Holmes, Ozzie, Wiggins, Rohan and Pilar play in the attempted retrieval of the Stuart Chronicle?
31.Do you think Moriarty really went down with the carriage? Why or why not?
32.Who do you think the man who brought a job to Oxford Scriveners the day after the attempted retrieval was? What did he want forged?
33.Who was Moriarty’s buyer for the Stuart Chronicle? Why did Sherlock Holmes pose as a buyer?
34.How did Sherlock Holmes, Pilar, and the Baker Street Irregulars rescue Ozzie and the Stuart Chronicle?
35.What is the Stuart Chronicle, really?
36.What is Cockney rhyming slang? Try making up your own slang.
37.What is one of the most useful things in creating a disguise? Why?
38.Who do you think wrote this account of the case of the Amazing Zalindas? Why?
39.What does the secret message hidden in the book say?* *PROFESSOR MORIARTY WILL RETURN
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