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Dairy Queen
by Catherine Murdock
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1.At the beginning of the book, why does DJ dislike Brian Nelson? Did you like him? Did your feelings change?
2.What are some of DJ's good qualities? What are some of her faults? What are some of Brian's good qualities and faults? Why are they attracted to each other?
3.How is DJ like a cow? How isn't she?
4.Why did the family feel Curtis should stay in sports but asked DJ to quit her team?
5.Describe DJ's dad. Would you like him for a father? Why or why not?
6.How do the characters in this book earn respect?
7.Why is it so hard for some people to apologize? Are there ever times when it's NOT good to apologize?
8.After her 16th birthday DJ doesn't feel any different. Have you ever had birthdays that were disappointments?
9.What's the difference between "nice fun" and "mean fun"?
10.How do the characters change throughout the course of the book?
11.The Schwenk family isn’t very good at talking about problems. How has this affected each family member? How do you think that your family would handle the kind of problems the Schwenks are facing?
12.D.J. does a lot of growing up over the course of the story. How do the other characters in the book grow up? What role does she have in this development?
13.D.J.’s mother is absent for much of the story. Why do you think this is? How do you think you would react in her situation?
14.Brian and D.J. both begin the story with very strong views of the world. What are some of their initial opinions, and how do these change over the course of the book? How do D.J. and Brian challenge each other?
15.D.J. and Brian are about to resume high school. What are some of the obstacles they’ll face? What strengths and weaknesses do they each have in facing these obstacles?
16.Amber has a minor but critical role in Dairy Queen. How would the story differ without her presence?
17.What do you think will happen to Curtis in eighth grade and high school?
18.Do you think this would make a good movie? Who would you cast as the main characters?
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