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Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos
by R.L. La Fevers
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1.Who is Clive Fagenbush and why doesn’t Theodosia trust him?
2.What was in the crate that Theodosia’s mother sent to the Museum of Legends and Antiquities from Thebes?
3.What are the three levels of tests Theodosia performs to determine if an object is cursed?
4.Why does Theodosia like to sleep in a sarcophagus when she stays overnight at the museum?
5.Why do you think Theodosia decided not to tell her parents that she could sense when something was cursed?
6.How did the curse end up in Isis the cat?
7.Why doesn’t Theodosia go to school, even though her brother does?
8.How did Theodosia’s dad get fired from the British Museum?
9.What are shabti figures? How were these different from normal ones?
10.Who is Sticky Will?
11.What is Theodosia Throckmorton’s Recipe for Undemonizing Your Cat?
12.Would you like to have a brother like Henry? Why or why not?
13.What happened to the Heart of Egypt? Why is it so important? How did Snowthorpe know about it?
14.Why was Theodosia not supposed to cross Oxford Street on her own? Why did she do it anyway? Who followed her there?
15.What is the Antiquaries Society and who is Wigmere?
16.Who are the Brotherhood of the Chosen Keepers, and what is their purpose?
17.Theodosia says “Mum had just launched the end of civilization.” What did she mean? Was she right?
18.Why did Wigmere think that Theodosia’s mother was involved in the theft of the Heart of Egypt? Why did Theodosia need to return the Heart of Egypt to Egypt herself?
19.What was the one thing on the stele that Theodosia’s mother didn’t bring back from Egypt?
20.Why did Mr. Wappingthorpe think Theodosia was his “pink elephant”? How did he contribute to her discovery as a stowaway?
21.Why did Theodosia go to the black market, even after Nabir warned her away? Would you have gone?
22.The old fortune-teller told Theodosia her fortune. What did she say, and what do you think she meant? Was she right?
23.Who was the traitor at the museum? Were you surprised? Why or why not? Who does Nigel Bollingsworth work for?
24.Who are the Serpents of Chaos? What is their plan?
25.How did Theodosia save Britain and her brother? How did she find the scepter of Was?
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