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Knucklehead : tall tales & mostly true stories about growing up Scieszka
by Jon Scieszka
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1.How many siblings do you have? Is your house ever like the Scieszkas’?
2.Have you read any other books by Jon Scieszka? Did reading his autobiography help you understand where his goofy story ideas come from? Why or why not?
3.Did you know that Jon Scieszka started the Guys Read program? Why do you think he started it?
4.Jon Scieszka’s mom always said “Don’t wrestle in the living room. You are going to break something.” Is there anything that your parents ALWAYS tell you to do or not to do? If you did it anyway, what might happen?
5.Do you share a room? What do you like about it? What would you change?
6.What was your favorite chapter of this book, and why?
7.How did Jon Scieszka’s brother try to sell him his own shirt?
8.Do you have specific chores to do at home? Which ones do you like or dislike, and why?
9.What is your favorite joke?
10.How did Jon Scieszka’s dad treat him and his brothers? Can you think of any ways that your parents teach you?
11.Have you ever tried to take a family picture? How did it turn out?
12.How do you pronounce S-C-I-E-S-Z-K-A? (“SHEZ-kah”)
13.When Jon Scieszka’s mom said “Watch your brothers,” what did she expect Jon and his older brother to do? What did they do instead? Do you ever have to watch your siblings? Do they have to watch you? What do you like or dislike about this, and why?
14.Why do you think Jon Scieszka describes Dick and Jane as alien kids from an alien family? Is your family more like the Scieszkas or like Dick and Jane? Why?
15.Would you like to play Slaughter Ball? Why or why not?
16.What is the best (or weirdest) Halloween costume you’ve ever had?
17.Have you ever gotten hand-me-downs? What was the best? The worst?
18.Do you have a nickname? How did you get it? Do you like it? Why or why not?
19.Have you ever made up a game? What was it called, and what were the rules?
20.Have you ever been a Boy Scout? What kinds of things did you learn?
21.Do you think it’s easier to be an older sibling or a younger sibling?
22.What did Jon Scieszka like to read? What do you like to read the best, and why?
23.What was the best birthday present you ever got? The worst?
24.What do you do on your summer vacation? Is it anything like Jon Scieszka’s summer vacations?
25.Do you have any family “lines” like the Scieszkas? Where did they come from?
26.Did you like reading this book? Why or why not?
27.Scieszka says things like “Jim could be annoying” and other apparently disparaging things about his brothers. How do you think he feels about them now? Do you think he always felt that way?
28.What's the best April Fools joke you or someone you know has ever played?
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